Zoho Remotely Is the Best Solution for Remote Security

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, organizations have encountered numerous challenges, both in terms of organization and technology. However, Zoho One has emerged as a trailblazer, providing an outstanding solution that effectively manages organizations, even in remote security concerns and difficult times.

From once being a dream, telecommuting turned our world around during the pandemic. Zoho One customers had the option to change their whole business to work remotely with features that gave steady advantages effectively.  

Zoho Meeting, the video conferencing application, added a large group of new features including different video feeds and recurring meetings. Our business chat application – Zoho Cliq, came out with a “Remote Work” edition, a virtual substitution to the actual office experience. 

We realized how important it is to send vast quantities of emails, particularly for marketing teams. As a result, Zoho One has created the bulk email for Marketing Hub which is highly accessible for Zoho One customers.  

Nevertheless, Zoho One is now also able to recruit talents for different organizations utilizing the Zoho Recruit feature. 

Home Office-prepared With Zoho One Remotely 

Over the last several weeks, CEOs and their employees have thrown themselves into another working environment at a rapid speed. Home-based work, remote work, and home office are many such terms that portray our better approach yet the importance is very similar: adaptable working inside your own space. Zoho Remotely is the alternative that permits business people to make identical working conditions without a lot of effort and ensure a part of their organization is the same even from home. To help everyone who wishes to work from home, Zoho One is making the Remotely pack accessible for your organization. A set-up of 11 cloud applications that permit you to remain associated, track work, and help your clients from anywhere on the planet. Beneficial communication applications and a suite of proficient online project management tools will be accessible to you and your staff.

Driving Digitalization with Zoho One 

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a significant change and a huge increase in digitalization. To make the most ideal utilization of the changes emerging from the current digital change and to grow with digitalization, companies should now respond satisfactorily and redesign their organization. Therefore, Zoho One offers an all-in-one solution with more than 40 coordinated online applications. With Zoho One, you have your whole organization in view and can effectively manage, associate, and automate business activities remotely. 

Increase Sales Performance with Zoho One CRM 

In the midst of Covid-19, how might sales and marketing be aligned to compensate for the shortfall brought about by the pandemic? With Zoho One, this should be possible successfully. The outstanding customer relationship management software Zoho One at present empowers more than 150,000 organizations in 180 nations to create more leads, interface with customers and increase sales.  With the constant examination of this CRM software, you can settle on the right business choices yet in addition, gauge and manage your organization’s sales performance and track the latest trends and figures for the future even if working remotely. 

Go Remote with Zoho One 

Organizations are understanding that going remote can work for them.  Your organization gets the tools to empower the appropriate communication and organization to go remote and meet your business goals with Zoho One. 


When working remotely, keeping in contact with colleagues and clients is the key. Zoho One gives your organization a set of adaptable tools to address each issue. 

Unified Chat

You can chat from a committed web or native application or from coordinated chat windows across Zoho One apps. Rapidly change from a chat to an audio or video call and share your screen depending on the situation.

Video Conferences and Meetings 

Schedule and host video conferences and meetings with your team members, clients, and partners. You can record calls, conduct data, and share screens. With Zoho One, meetings can be planned and launched from CRM, Zoho Mail, or Cliq, making it simpler to get along with the right individuals. 

Flexible Project Management

Zoho One gives your organization various project management tools to structure diverse work in an unexpected way. For repeatable, time-based projects, there’s Zoho Projects, a cascade-style project management tool. To coordinate individual tasks and events, Zoho One incorporates schedules, Kanban boards and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Remote tools plus everything else

Remote work actually requires tools for managing sales, marketing, accounting, tasks, HR, and many more. These basic systems are integrated into communication and productivity tools that empower remote work by using Zoho One.

Collaborate together from anywhere

Work successfully as teams even from various areas. Plan and monitor your projects, assign tasks, allocate data, focus on tasks, and make the most of your work using Zoho One. Create team drives, share documents with employees, and work together continuously to complete tasks.

Remote help from anywhere

Connect with your employees and customers anywhere they are through secure remote meetings across numerous devices. See live issues, share documents and resolve customer queries. Assume endorsed control for their system and give help from your place using Zoho One. 

Accomplish efficiency when working remotely

Improve productivity with office apps that are intended for collaboration with Zoho One. Draft blogs, examine spreadsheets and plan slide decks from anywhere. Create, share and edit records altogether, each from their own systems or PCs from anywhere. Zoho Authorised Partner also assures growth and productivity by keeping a track of unique business needs.


While we might be unable to meet our customers face to face in the present times establishing relationships with them turned into the central subject of Zoho One CRM’s 2021 edition which accompanied customized customer ventures, division tools, and much more. In these difficult times, customers need a platform or software that enables them to work online easily. Thus, Zoho Partner USA provides an updated version with additional features for customers to boost remote work smoothly and effectively. Test the working platform for your business today and climb the digitalization ladder with Zoho One!

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