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What to look for when choosing Project Management Software

By October 4, 2022February 28th, 2024No Comments
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Project management software provides your business with the tools to plan and navigate your projects through completion. In order to manage your projects properly, project collaboration software offers an overview of the tasks at hand. It’s easy to see that project management collaboration tools are the backbone of any organization. However, choosing a tool isn’t always easy. Let’s review the most crucial features to look for in your project software!

8 things to look for in project management software

Tools for collaboration

With Zoho Projects, you’ll enjoy collaborative tools that guide teams to work together to completion. Whether you employ remote or hybrid teams, Zoho Projects makes it easy to stay on track. Share files, communicate in real-time, and leave comments to stay on the same page – from wherever you’re working.

Simple interface

Choosing user-friendly project management software is crucial. Make sure to select software that your entire team can easily use. Remember, the purpose of project management software is to streamline your workflow.


Time-tracking features help you understand how much time your employees are devoting to specific tasks. They offer a measurable indication of productivity and provide insight into the cost-effectiveness of your various projects.

Data visualizations and reporting

Zoho projects include dashboards with customizable data visualizations. Present project information in a clear way to help your team understand the status of a project. With data visualizations, you’ll enjoy a visual representation of metrics for KPIs, performance, and time-tracking. Automated reporting features allow you to send custom reports to internal or external users at regular intervals.


Ensure that your project collaboration software is accessible to people with different abilities. Your team members should be able to access and utilize the project management collaboration tool. Your project management software should be accessible to all remote and hybrid workers, wherever they may work.

project management software


If your business is in its early stages, choose a project collaboration tool that can grow along with your company. As your organization expands, your tool will need to accommodate additional users and workflows. Zoho Projects is an outstanding solution that offers a highly scalable pricing tier.


For many projects, budgeting is an important factor. Take the legwork out of tracking time, costs, expenses, and revenue with Zoho Projects. Import data from your financial applications automatically to avoid any miscommunications.

In-app chat with contacts

Equip your team to communicate throughout the scope of a project with built-in chat features. Reach out to your teammates and customers from within your project collaboration platform. This feature is important to communicating efficiently with your colleagues during a project.


How do I decide which tool to use?

No two businesses will have the same priorities. It’s important to objectively evaluate your project management software options. These factors will be the most significant when you are evaluating software choices.

  • The size of your company/organization

  • The industry in which you work

  • The age of your company

  • Your preferred project management approach

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