Zoho One vs Zoho: What is the Difference?


Usually, people get confused while deciding on the program needed for their company between ZOHO and ZOHO One. Here we are addressing new customers that are searching for an effective app. They are running a trial of ZOHO CRM version but don’t know about ZOHO One and the distinction between the two. ZOHO Partner USA enables you to learn how to use this CRM effectively and get faster results.   

This content will reasonably represent the distinction between ZOHO CRM and ZOHO One CRM to all the clients.  

ZOHO CRM: ZOHO CRM is available on-request software that adequately manages your essential client connections. It digitizes your sales, marketing, and supports on a solitary platform.   

ZOHO One CRM :  ZOHO One is an integrated suite that empowers you to maintain your whole business. ZOHO One comprises more than 40+ online applications for sales, marketing, accounting, communication with teammates and customers, and much more. This includes web, mobile, and installed versions of our applications, just as program expansions and other valuable additional items.  


Features: –  

  1. Sales Force Automation:   
  • Lead Generation & Qualification   
  • Sales Stage & Probability Analysis  
  • Competitive Analysis  
  • Real-Time Forecasting  
  1. Lead Management:   
  • Automate, Fastrack, capture, and import lead management process  
  • Match sales-ready leads to the right salesperson.  
  1. Account Management:   
  • Single database and reliability programs  
  • Client data across products, geographies, accounts, and status  
  • Parent-child relationships between client accounts and their subsidiaries  
  • Price quotes, sales orders and invoices  
  1. Effective Follow-up:  
  • Log essential customer calls and save customer meetings and calls in the calendar  
  • Invite employees and contacts to conferences and events  
  • Manage recurring events by day, week, month, and year  
  1. Website Integration with Forms:  
  • Create forms with no coding and upload forms live instantly  
  • Set rules to simplify lead distribution  
  • Catch leads directly into your CRM  
  1. CRM Workflow Management:  
  • Workflow alerts and associate tasks to the workflow rules  
  • Email notifications with templates and custom functions  
  1. Sales Tracking:  
  • Monitor and import sales opportunities   
  • 360-degree view and drag-and-drop customization wizard  
  • Sales pipeline and sales escalation process  
  1. Pulse:  
  • Track records that are critical to your business based on your criteria  
  • Keep on top of sales updates in real-time  
  • Sort records by record owner and module  
  • Complete visibility based on the last action  
  1. Sales Forecasting:  
  • Revenue-based on data inside ZOHO CRM  
  • Make, assign and revise sales   
  • Evaluate individual and team performance  
  • Forecast accuracy against commit amounts  
  • Completely customizable forecast reports and dashboards  
  1. Productivity:  
  • Business Card View  
  • A quick glance at essential details of the contact without scrolling or searching  
  1. Mail Magnet:  
  • Captures collates and distributes customer email activity within your CRM  
  • Send emails via your favorite mail client  
  • Share emails and Create mail merge templates  
  • Find updated user info in merged documents  
  • Manage templates in secured folders  
  1. Document Library:  
  • Role-based folders, sub-folders, and share to your salespeople  
  • Send documents from your CRM  
  • Quick feedback from staff to improve document  
  1. Social CRM:  
  • View social interactions of your brand with a prospect  
  • Reply to direct messages, likes, and mentions via your brand’s social profile  
  1. Mobile CRM:  
  • Present access to customer data  
  • Receive sales alerts  
  • Search customers nearby, create tasks  
  • Capture trade show leads directly into ZOHO CRM  
  • Digitalize and save business cards on your iPhone  
  1. CRM for Google Apps:  
  • Custom Modules, API, Webhooks, and Custom Functions  
  • Create campaigns, email marketing & autoresponders  
  • Enable security controls, organizational hierarchy & territories  

ZOHO One  

Features: –  

  • Integrated and customizable system to work, define and improve processes  
  • Fully customizable sales process and Workflow Automation  
  • Real-time performance dashboards & automated report generation  
  • Out-of-the-box AI, business knowledge, unified communication tools  
  • Inter-team Communication, Real-time notices  
  • Marketing, Email Management, Social-Media interaction management  
  • Invoices and estimate creations, tracking income and expenses, Inventory dealing   
  • Ticket tracking, help desk, sentiment analysis & Project Management  
  • Powerful analytics powered by AI and website tracking functionality  
  • Telephony, email & third-party integrations  

 Benefits: –  

  • Access from multiple devices integrate business applications  
  • Zoho One offers all in one Solution to all Business Vertical like Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, Accountings etc
  • Integrates smoothly with Telephony & SMS services  
  • Unified communication portal, customized views, mobile device accessibility  
  • Seamless flow of data to marketing, finance, third party applications  
  • Track, hire/recruit applicants, electronically sign documents, onboard virtually  
  • Email marketing, campaign management, and track ROI  
  • Real-time reporting and data insights  
  • Automation of routine tasks, deliver a superior customer experience  
  • Flexible pricing and improve sales  
  • Efficient and effective forecasting and planning tools  

ZOHO CRM vs ZOHO One Pricing  

The ZOHO CRM Enterprise version is $54.45 AUD/client/month, including GST, or $35USD/client/month for the remainder of the world.   

What makes ZOHO One a gamechanger is the complete expense each month, of $47.30 AUD/client/month including GST, or $35USD/client/month for the remainder of the world. This makes ZOHO One less expensive than ZOHO CRM. 

Comparison between the features of ZOHO CRM and ZOHO One: – 

Subscription Management ✅ Subscription Management ✅ 
Service Management ✅ Service Management ✅ 
API ✅ API ✅ 
Access controls ✅ Access controls ✅ 
Accounting ❌  Accounting ✅ 
Accounting Integrations ✅ Accounting Integrations ✅ 
Activity Dashboard ✅ Activity Dashboard ✅ 
Activity Management ✅ Activity Management ✅ 
Activity Tracking ✅ Activity Tracking ✅ 
Ad hoc reporting ✅ Ad hoc reporting ✅ 
Advertising Management ✅ Advertising Management ✅  
Agile Methodologies ❌ Agile Methodologies ✅ 
Alerts/ escalations ✅ Alerts/ escalations ✅ 
Analytics/ROI tracking ✅ Analytics/ROI tracking ✅  
Application Management ❌  Application Management ✅ 
Appointment Management ✅ Appointment Management  ✅  
Billing & Invoicing ❌Billing & Invoicing ✅ 
CRM ✅ CRM ✅ 
Inventory Management ❌   Campaign Analytics ✅ 
Campaign Management ✅ Campaign Management ✅ 
Campaign Scheduling ✅ Campaign Scheduling ✅ 
The List is Endless, crux is ZOHO ONE is all in one Ecosystem which touches all the areas of a Business.


ZOHO One is the Ecosystem of 40+ applications vs ZOHO CRM which is designed to takes care of your Sales & Marketing side of business mainly. Assuming, if you need everything in one bundle, then you can go for ZOHO One. It covers a large portion of the business needs to oversee and mechanize. It is more feasible to have your entire system integrated and managed by a single source. According to your business needs, you can settle on a choice in like manner. 

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