Are you looking for a powerful, affordable, low-code development platform? Zoho Creator is the answer to your prayers. Zoho’s custom app builder enables you to build and launch enterprise-grade apps 10x faster. Low-code application development gives your organization endless flexibility to create customized apps. Let’s review how Zoho Creator empowers you to build enterprise-grade applications – with no programming skills required.

What are the features of Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator offers many features to help your company create and manage your business applications. To give you a sense of this app creator’s capabilities, here are some appealing features.

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connect to 600 tools with zoho creator
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What can you do with Zoho Creator?

It is much more than a low-code development platform. Explore the limitless potential to transform your company’s development workflow. 

Increase Efficiency

Automating repetitive business routines can save your company time and money. Automate recurring actions and schedule tasks to improve daily workflow.

Access Data Anytime, Anyplace

Access your business data and reporting on-the-fly with mobile applications.

Reduce Time to Market

Low-code application development shortens the time-to-market for your new apps. Zoho’s app creator helps your application reach users faster.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Zoho’s fully cloud-based platform takes the expense of underlying infrastructure off your plate.

Easy Integration

Zoho Creator API allows seamless integration with Zoho and third-party apps. 

What are the benefits of Zoho Creator?

Zoho’s custom app builder allows users to create applications from scratch or from imported data. Anyone can build enterprise-grade apps, even without a programming background. It is everything from a white-label app builder to an end-to-end digitization platform. Let’s look at some practical ways that Zoho Creator can benefit your business.

Create multi-device applications

with Zoho’s drag-and-drop app builder. Build custom apps for the unique needs of your business without any coding expertise. The speedy development time and one-click launches allow your company to scale with ease.

Integrate countless applications

to operate your organization from one unified platform. Connect the tools you need to run your business with more than 550 pre-built integrations. Zoho Creator API organizes and optimizes workflow, without writing any code.

Create and automate business processes

with Visual Blueprint Builder. Design, map, optimize, and run your pivotal processes from Zoho Creator.

Leverage BI and analytics

to transform raw data into invaluable insight. Dynamic integrations connect disparate sources to pull your business data into one platform. Data visualizations empower your team to conduct efficient analysis. You’ll enjoy access to a real-time, holistic overview of your business, making it easy to identify actionable insights.

Integrate AI into your business applications

without writing a single line of code. Efficiently build and launch intelligent business apps. Simply provide the data, and the Zoho AI will intuitively recognize and learn patterns.

How secure is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator securely protects every application, image, file, and piece of data via encryption. 24/7 encryption security ensures your data won’t ever be compromised.

How are Zoho Creator licenses priced?

The flexible Zoho Creator pricing model is pay-per-user.

Zoho Creator pricing starts at $25 per user, per month for the Professional Plan on annual billing. The Professional Plan includes 5 apps, 20 integration flows, 10 BI & Analytics, and a flexible user count.

The Zoho Creator Ultimate Plan starts at $400 per month, billed annually. The Ultimate Plan includes unlimited apps, 100 integration flows, unlimited BI & Analytics, and 10 users. Additional users cost an extra $25 per user, per month.

There’s even a free Zoho Creator plan, with limited functionality. The free Zoho Creator supports one user, one application, 25MB storage, and 1000 records. 

Not sure which plan is right for your organization? Why not schedule a 15-day Zoho Creator trial? Contact Enable today to learn more about beginning your Zoho Creator trial.