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Enable Solutions helps you with Consulting, Implementation, health check and enhancements for all Zoho Cloud Applications. We help you to get the most ROI out of your bespoke CRM.

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CRM systems are for business that understand the need to stay relevant to customer ongoing needs and changes. With a robust CRM, companies grow their customer base and increase their revenue.  Discover what it means to develop a sustainable sales system for your service-based business growth. CRM systems are all about caring for your potential and existing customers to keep them coming back for more services. Knowing what your customers want  means you are able to re-shape your products and create new ones that are in demand based on the feedback you receive as part of any ongoing client nurturing campaigns.



How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose. - Bill Gates 

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Enable Your Zoho CRM

1. Manage Relationships :  Our primary goal is to help companies manage their relationship with customers with a goal to increase profit and client longevity.

2. Organised & Accessible : We help your team gather all your contacts in one place which is accessible in real-time by anyone at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. And your entire team can get access to detailed contact profiles that help you better interact with your contacts.

3. Effective Automation : CRM to automation can be effectively designed, installed, and managed in a way to automate any aspect of your business in order to define your existing process to that all team members are working off the same process.

4. Intelligent Lead Scoring : Our approach increases efficiency of lead scoring in CRM, allowing users to identify the customers that are most likely to convert. This helps your team to streamline sales/marketing and optimize your sales process. 

5. Automation : We structure CRMs in such a way which will allow your business to Automate routine tasks such as; bulk email communication, webinar sign up and management, product information landing page/campaigns, Lead Capture, Client Follow up and outreach Campaigns, Website Visitor Tracking and Follow Up Management, Segmentation of All Different Types of Contact Records for Targeted Communication Outreach, Managing Social Media Posting Schedules and Listening with Follow Up Reminders for staff. 

At Enable Solutions we help our clients use CRM Systems in a way that accurately tells them where they are today related to their current business operations. Post which we take care of the vision planning for future goals when business shifts are necessary.

Develop a Sustainable Sales System

Transform How you Manage & Use Customer Info

AI & IOT Driven

AI & IOT drive CRM automation with substantial integration possibilities. It makes way for Robotic Automation to increase productivity & effeciency.

User Friendly

State-of-the-art app customizations, renaissance of simplicity, and a front light system has made User Experience easier.


Using automation, CRMs offer high quality customer services while optimizing operational costs. This helps in transformative digitalisation.

Mobile CRMs

Mobile interfaces for CRMs offer greater security features, intuative interfaces, offline/online environments and cross platform applications.

Social Media Ready

With the integration of Social Media in CRMs, companies get a clearer idea of brand sentiment to enhance customer relations and feedback mechanisms.


In the ever evolving tech landscape, the need for advanced functionalities never stop for greater automation capabilities and analytics.

Human Relationship

CRMs help in knowing your customer with a previous record of customer communications, preferences and behavioral analysis.


CRMs play a pivotal role in inter-department connectivity. A modern day CRM is connected to every tool and process in the organisation.