Why Your Brand Needs a Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social media is the most underutilized component of digital marketing strategies. User-generated content offers invaluable insight into your audience. Through careful analysis, data from social media can be leveraged to help you explore the desires of your target audience.

Manually combing through huge amounts of data from disparate sources for analysis is time-consuming. A social media monitoring tool enables efficient data analysis across your various channels. Identifying keyword sets from user-generated content can provide a wealth of information on your clients and prospects. Zoho Social makes monitoring vital keywords, hashtags, reviews, and more simple. With Zoho’s social media management software, it’s easy to identify fresh leads and monitor what people are saying about your brand. We’ll explore the many valuable features of Zoho Social, but first, let’s identify why your company needs a social media monitoring tool.

Why do I need a social media monitoring tool?

A social media monitoring tool offers value to every type of business marketing strategy. Even if your brand doesn’t maintain an active social media presence, it’s crucial to understand the real-time discussions occurring around your brand. Here are some practical ways your company can leverage social media data with the help of Zoho Social.

Identify your target audience groups

Your brand can’t effectively target specific audience groups without understanding their perspective. By using a social media monitoring tool identifies which channels and contexts are discussing your company. Knowing how and where your brand is being discussed provides insight into your target audience. Tracking specific keywords, like product, brand, or company names, offers important insight into the interests of your audience. Discover what makes your prospects tick, what draws their attention, and what other subjects they’re discussing. By monitoring social media activity across mainstream and niche channels, you’ll gain actionable insight to continually fine-tune your content strategy.

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Track your direct competition

Knowing what people are saying about your business is crucial. So is knowing what people are saying about the competition. Social media analytics tools can help identify what’s driving your target audience to your competitors. Developing an in-depth understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of competing products is key to converting prospects.


Anticipate periods of criticism

Social media provides a platform for real-time customer feedback. When your audience is speaking positively about your brand, the immediacy of user-generated content is positive. But if your brand missteps, the culmination of negative comments can be damaging. A social media monitoring tool enables your company to anticipate waves of criticism on your business profiles. Get ahead of any waves of negative reviews while you can still control the narrative with social media monitoring.

Assist customers outside of direct support

Corporate community management can be difficult, particularly across multiple social media channels. When customers post concerns or questions outside of your direct support channels, a social media monitoring tool helps identify and respond to them promptly. Boost customer satisfaction and support a positive brand image by using Zoho Social to monitor and address customer questions posed outside of your support system.

Reputation Management

Managing customer reviews, recommendations, and discussions is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Zoho’s social media management software helps companies understand the way your brand is perceived by the public. Tracking keywords is an effective method of monitoring the general public opinion surrounding your brand.

Boost innovation through trend discovery

User-generated content is rich with leads for product management and innovations. Learn to exceed the expectations of your target audience through social media monitoring. Tracking intriguing ideas for new products and company improvements via social media helps deliver what your audience actually wants.

What features does Zoho Social include?

Schedule your social media posting workflow

With Zoho Social, you can automate your social media posting workflow. You can preview drafts scheduled for posting from one screen, manage the content pipeline, and reschedule with a simple drag and drop. Elevate your organization’s content curation without devoting extra resources.

Multi-channel social media monitoring software tracks your brand

Stay on top of reviews, comments, mentions, and keywords across all channels, from one platform. You’ll enjoy a live stream of all social media engagement under a dedicated tab. Learn more about the people interacting with your brand, and respond to their engagement faster. Your team can respond to social media interaction directly from the Zoho Social platform.

Collaborate with your teams on all aspects of the social media workflow

Zoho Social supports internal social media workflow collaboration in several ways. Collaborate via chat, audio, or video calls. Establish a content approval system, manage draft approvals, and organize your content workflow. Create roles and permissions for your team members, and tag users and clients for discussion thread participation.

Analyze brand performance and create custom reports for automated delivery

Zoho’s social media reporting software provides statistics and analytics about your audience. Learn more about your customers and prospects through the power of analytics. Curate custom reports for a broad range of metrics across your channels with social media reporting software. After creating reports, you can even schedule automated reporting delivery.

How much does Zoho Social cost?

Zoho Social is offered in two levels – Business and Agency. Zoho Social pricing for Businesses starts at $10/month, billed annually. Zoho Social for Agencies begins at $230/ month, billed annually.

Not sure which Zoho Social pricing plan is most suitable for your organization? With so many options, knowing which tier to select can be difficult. Let Enable help you choose the right plan for your company and goals. Our Zoho consultants will identify the scope of your business’s needs, recommend the best plan, and work with your team through implementation. Call today to schedule a free introductory call with Enable.