Which Zoho Bundle is right for your company?

Zoho products include cost-effective software solutions powerful enough to run your entire business. But which Zoho product bundle will deliver the most value for your company? We’ll review all six options below, to help your organization select the ideal Zoho product bundle.

Zoho One

Improve and streamline your business processes with Zoho One

Zoho One unites every business application into one organized platform. Support team communication and boost productivity and performance with this Zoho bundle suite. Operate your entire company through this cohesive collection of cloud-based applications and integrations. Access over 40 web applications from one centralized dashboard. Customization tools allow users to adapt the Zoho One suite to serve your organization’s unique needs.

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Zoho CRM Plus

Maintain client information and data with CRM software

CRM Plus is a powerful CRM software system to manage your organization’s client relations. Zoho CRM Plus includes advanced AI technology capable of predicting industry trends. This CRM software tracks company data and maintains your analytics in one convenient location. Client-facing team members can improve their productivity and communication with this product bundle.

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Zoho Finance Plus

Manage back office operations with one simple platform

Finance Plus offers all the tools needed to manage your company’s operations and finances. This product bundle includes six applications to oversee everything from invoicing to accounting. Zoho’s advanced finance management software allows your financial department to manage their responsibilities on the cloud.

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Zoho Workplace

Promote team collaboration and keep departments connected

Zoho Workplace supports a centralized workspace for teams to communicate. This digital workspace platform enables your teams to share information efficiently, fostering collaboration. Thanks to Zoho’s team communication software, your staff can work effectively from home or the office. Zoho Workplace boasts a suite of eight applications within the digital workspace platform. Enjoy Zoho’s robust solutions for team collaboration, office productivity, and unified communication.

Zoho People Plus

Optimize your entire HR department with the help of Zoho's digital HR suite

Zoho People Plus offers 24/7 HR support to your employees. Zoho’s HR suite improves the HR experience throughout the entire employee life cycle – all through one integrated platform. Empower your team to achieve their greatest goals with the six applications included in Zoho People Plus.

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Zoho IT Management

Zoho’s IT management software helps your employees increase productivity in a hybrid environment. Zoho’s IT Management product bundle includes solutions to securely manage and audit workflow. Enjoy a holistic toolkit of cloud-based applications to streamline your organization’s IT operations. Best of all, you can manage every IT and business service from one singular login.

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Zoho Marketing Plus

No matter the size of your company, Zoho Marketing Plus unites all marketing processes on one marketing dashboard. The Zoho marketing hub helps coordinate your team’s efforts across multiple channels to achieve your goals. Marketing automation software can optimize workflow for your entire team. Zoho Marketing Plus offers solutions and oversight for every stage of your campaign. 

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Learn More About Zoho Products

Finding the ideal product bundle doesn’t need to be confusing. With the help of a Zoho consultant, it’s easy to identify the correct Zoho product for the needs of your organization. Contact Enable today to schedule your Zoho consultation introductory call!


Deploying 40 apps simultaneously can be intimidating. We recommend staging your Zoho One deployment in phases. Begin by enabling the apps you need to use immediately. After you have those set up, then move to the next phase of deployment. It’s crucial to ensure you and your team feel confident using Zoho One at every phase of deployment.

The majority of Zoho One applications support 10+ languages. If you discover an application that is not available in your language, please let our team know. Zoho strives for inclusivity, and we aim to support as many languages as possible.

No, every application has a unique update schedule. Assigning each application with its own update schedule allows us to deploy updates faster. When updates occur, Zoho will ensure existing functionality and integrations remain unchanged.

Absolutely! Zoho One includes Zoho Creator, a custom app development platform. Zoho Creator allows you to create custom applications without writing code. If you’re not confident building your own app from a template, don’t worry. Zoho provides a community of developer partners who can offer support.