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Unlock your digital capabilities

with Enable Solutions’ mastery in web development

Embark on a digital evolution with our team of creative thinkers and technical wizards. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge websites and applications that enhance your online presence, going beyond mere functionality to captivate visually.

Crafting Digital Magic

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Tailored for Impact

Embark on a personalized digital journey that makes a lasting impression

Magical Web Solutions

Experience the magic of our web solutions, designed to be user-friendly and visually stunning

From Vision to Reality

We bring your unique ideas to life, whether it’s a dynamic business website, a robust e-commerce platform, or custom web applications

Unforgettable Digital Experiences

Our focus is on creating digital experiences that go beyond functionality, leaving a lasting impression on your audience

WordPress Mastery at Enable Solutions

Unlock the potential of WordPress with Enable Solutions, your dedicated partner in web development. WordPress, a widely-used open-source content management system (CMS), serves as the cornerstone for 43 percent of all websites globally. While WordPress itself is free, the expertise of professional developers becomes crucial for creating top-tier websites

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Empowering Websites with WordPress

Explore the multifaceted role of a WordPress developer through Enable Solutions. Our skilled team undertakes responsibilities such as:

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Discover E-commerce Dynamics with Enable Solutions

Embark on a journey to success with our full-scale e-commerce web development services. We specialize in creating captivating and user-friendly e-commerce websites, enhancing your online presence, and boosting conversions and revenue for your business

6 Steps to E-commerce Success with Enable Solutions

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Strategic Planning

Define customer service objectives, plan product presentation and sales strategies, and set business goals for sales growth and brand visibility

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Platform Selection

Choose a unique domain, use platforms like Woocommerce, Wix or Shopify, and maintain brand representation with customization

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Layout Design

Develop a sitemap with product listings, reviews, checkout process, videos, and wish lists, laying the foundation for an engaging, user-friendly website

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Coding Expertise

Implement back-end development through coding, deciding between manual coding or a CMS, to ensure a functional website using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

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Design Optimization

Focus on front-end development to optimize design, customizing the website’s look and feel with colors, themes, images, and videos, prioritizing user-friendly navigation for a positive consumer impression

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Launch Preparation

Conduct thorough testing to ensure website functionality, address any issues related to the purchase process, and strategically launch your website, initiating marketing efforts for increased visibility

Empowering Online Stores with WooCommerce Expertise

Harnessing the dynamic power of WooCommerce, an open-source software tailored for WordPress websites, Enable Solutions transforms regular sites into fully functional and seamless online stores

As WooCommerce specialists, we simplify the creation and management of e-commerce platforms, providing essential features such as inventory and tax management, secure payments, and seamless shipping integration

Streamlined Implementation

Unleashing E-commerce Power Through Magento Proficiency

Magento, an ecommerce platform rooted in open source technology, empowers online merchants with a versatile shopping cart system and control over their store’s look, content, and functionality

At Enable Solutions, we leverage the community-based Magento product for our ecommerce clients, ensuring scalability for shops with varying complexities

Community-Centric Approach

We utilize Magento’s community-based approach to cater to diverse business needs. Its scalability allows small shops to effortlessly expand, and a rich array of plugins and themes enhances customer experiences. While designed for non-developers, custom functionalities often demand the expertise of seasoned developers

Challenges and Solutions

Magento’s robustness may pose challenges, especially with extensive product catalogs or intricate integrations. Our experienced developers step in to customize functionalities, ensuring optimal performance. Speed is crucial in ecommerce, and we prioritize efficient solutions to prevent delays in online shopping experiences

Advantages of Magento

Unleashing Shopify’s Potential with Enable Solutions’ Proficiency

Shopify, a user-friendly e-commerce platform, empowers small businesses to effortlessly build and manage online stores. From in-person to online sales, including a built-in point-of-sale system, Shopify offers versatility

Enable Solutions provides expert guidance for seamless Shopify implementation, helping businesses maximize the potential of this powerful e-commerce platform

Core Strengths of Shopify

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Supporting various types of e-commerce businesses, Shopify accommodates physical and digital products, drop-shipped items, and a wide range of product categories

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Beautiful Themes

Access to over 70 free and paid themes allows for easy customization, enhancing the visual appeal of online stores

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Safety and Reliability

Shopify emphasizes security, regularly updating its technical infrastructure for reliable and secure customer data accessibility, even during peak times

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Marketing Tools

Shopify offers various marketing tools, including email marketing, social media integration, and SEO optimization

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Shopify is a scalable platform suitable for businesses at different stages, providing tools and resources for growth

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Extensive Marketplace

With over 3,500 add-ons, Shopify’s Marketplace offers a plethora of integrations to enhance the store’s functionality

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Dropshipping Support

Shopify’s integration with leading dropshipping platforms simplifies dropshipping from the admin interface

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Multichannel Support

Shopify’s in-house POS system facilitates seamless in-person retail transactions and syncs with the online store

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Robust analytics tools allow users to track store performance, sales, and traffic

Discover the Enable Solutions’ Difference in Crafting Your Web Presence!

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Elevated User Experiences

Our mission is to enhance user experiences, making interactions with your digital assets seamless and enjoyable for increased engagement

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Empowering E-commerce Excellence

We seamlessly combine expertise and innovation for e-commerce triumph. With specialization across platforms, our versatile skills ensure your online presence stands out, captivates customers, and achieves success

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Innovative Web Solutions

Pioneering innovation in every aspect, we ensure your web presence is not just current but future-proof, keeping you on the cutting edge

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Digital Landscape Mastery

Leverage our comprehensive web development services to stay ahead of the competition and effortlessly adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape

Making Your Business Successful is our Business

Experience you can Trust – Service you can count on

We chose Zoho because it was part of a single ecosystem. It is straightforward; all data is organized. Mike and his team were very supportive and guided us all the way through the process. We felt very comfortable working with his team.

SteveManaging Partner

Since we started working with Enable Solutions, we have been able to improve our management and servicing of our client's AED devices. We can now track all service requests for these life-saving medical devices.


With Zoho One and API integration, our clerical errors dropped by 97% and our customer satisfaction increased by over 40%. Avi We came across Zoho and never looked back. It is straightforward; all data is organized, nothing more, nothing less.

OmarCommerce Director

With Zoho One we have created a system that has made our jobs more efficient. With automated processes, we have become a lot more streamlined. It shows our clients that we are organized and professional, and internally our entire team has visibility and clarity across our work.

FrancesAdmissions manager

As the CEO, I can open up the dashboard and see how many opportunities we have in the business, the progress of each, and which ones are most likely to convert this month. It’s had a huge impact for me because I don’t have to go around asking people or wait for reports. I can get that data live, anytime I want it.


You don’t need to do something complex like build an API to send an email. With Zoho, we can build and revise our business model every day as we like. Flexibility – that’s what Zoho gives us.


We were siloed and restricted in growth. We were growing, but we had many clients we couldn’t serve efficiently. That’s the problem we were trying to solve, and Zoho solved it for us.


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