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How does Workflow Automation Work in Zoho CRM?

By September 21, 2022January 31st, 20242 Comments
how does workflow automation

Workflow Automation Tools

With a suite of workflow automation tools to choose from, you’ll be equipped to streamline operations across every department.  Zoho CRM helps your company optimize every campaign to deliver the best possible ROI.  But how does Zoho’s workflow automation platform work? Let’s learn how using a CRM with workflow leads to improved processes across the board!

Zoho’s workflow automation software allows users to automate repetitive tasks to save time. Zoho offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow builder. Using workflow rules, conditions, and triggers, you can establish actions to occur when certain prerequisites are met.

Workflow rules are the actions that are executed when the established conditions are met. These rules automate processes like sending emails, updating record fields, and assigning tasks. Every workflow rule will consist of these basic elements:

Basic details – These designate details about the type of the record to which the rule is applied. Also includes the name and description of the workflow rule.

Rule trigger – This determines when the rule must be triggered, and what the trigger is based on. Choose between execution based on an action of the record, or execution based on the value of the date field.

You can also establish conditions within your workflow automation tool. Conditions are composed of two elements: designating which records have to be triggered, and adding the criteria based on which record has to be triggered. Users can create multiple conditions within a single workflow rule and establish both instant and scheduled actions within your workflows.

Zoho’s workflow automation tools allow you to enjoy a more productive workday. By automating routine and repetitive tasks, you can focus your attention on the most important aspects of your business. Using workflow automation software offers many advantages apart from helping your team save time!

  • Track and measure the performance of your workflows

    Zoho CRM’s workflow insights analyze the performance of each rule in your workflows. AI technology helps further break down a workflow’s performance, to measure the results of a rule modification.

  • Assign leads to your team automatically

    Make sure that the right leads end up in the right hands with Zoho workflow automation. Assign fresh leads based on a condition, or distribute leads round-robin to give each team member an equal slice of the pie.

    Kill three birds with one Macro

    Your workflow builder will detect when you’re performing repetitive tasks, and suggest speeding up the job with a macro. Macros allow a set of actions to be triggered for manually-executed routine tasks. For example, macros can send an email, update a record, and create a task – all with one, single click. Macros can even be shared with your teams to allow other users to run the same set of actions.

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