As the marketing automation sector continues to grow, so do the demands and expectations of the consumer. Zoho’s CRM with marketing automation strives to remain on the cutting edge. Zoho marketing automation software continues to develop innovative features to improve your experience. Let’s take a look at some significant trends shaping the industry in 2022!

Funnel-stage personalization
Leverage your marketing funnel with business process automation software. Create experiences for your customers that align with their needs, challenges, and ambitions. This feature can reach customers with the right content at the right stage of the sales funnel.

Omnichannel marketing experiences
Allow your customers to interact with your brand across different channels as one part of a larger experience. Deliver a seamless customer journey with marketing automation integration. Your customers can engage with your brand through their preferred channels before making a purchasing decision.

Lifecycle Marketing

Convert and retain customers throughout each stage of the buying journey with marketing automation software. Gain actionable insight at every stage of the journey with your CRM with marketing automation. Accounting for your customer’s experience long before the buying decision will help build brand loyalty.

Chatbots with AI functionality
AI is rapidly becoming an invaluable feature. Automated chatbots allow your company to assist more customers by automating responses to common requests. Implementing chatbots will boost productivity, improve customer support, and increase lead generation. With available integrations, your chatbot will deliver accurate and helpful information. This allows you to reach more customers without increasing customer support costs.

Retargeting without third-party cookies

Your CRM with marketing automation can help you retarget visitors that have disabled tracking.  With integration, you can gain insights into every milestone within the customer journey. You’ll better understand the significance of each touchpoint. This information helps your business retarget customers through data-driven contextual marketing.

Mobile-responsive content

It’s crucial to take a mobile-first approach to customer engagement. Ensure that your content is optimized for mobile, or risk missing out on over 50% of global traffic. Employing mobile-based strategies will increase customer engagement. Your CRM with marketing automation will support many mobile-first strategies, including SMS marketing, in-app promotions, and push notifications.


Even more A/B testing

As the marketing landscape evolves, it becomes more difficult to ascertain which strategies work. A/B testing means comparing two different versions of a campaign or web page to see which outperforms the other. Using your CRM with marketing automation, you can test different versions of your campaigns. Find out which strategies perform, and which ones aren’t worthwhile. Marketing automation gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions about marketing campaigns. Reach your goals and improve ROI with automated A/B testing.

How can marketing automation benefit my company?

With the right business process automation software, your company can improve productivity while saving money. Zoho’s CRM  offers powerful tools to leverage your needs. 

Schedule a demonstration of the software today, by booking a call with a  Zoho Consultant at Enable Solutions. We’ll show you exactly how these tools can benefit your specific industry.