Top 4 Challenges Zoho Marketing Plus Can Help Your Business Overcome

Zoho Marketing Plus

Keeping your sales and marketing efforts on track is a challenge faced by businesses and organizations both large and small. In today’s fast-paced online marketing environment, there are all sorts of different avenues and channels through which potential customers will interact with your business.

That’s why it’s so beneficial for companies to be able to manage everything in one place. That’s where Zoho Marketing Plus comes in. With a suite of powerful marketing automation tools, you and your team will be able to save time while making the best use of your marketing budget. All of this is managed through an intuitive marketing dashboard, allowing you to manage everything in one place.

Zoho marketing automation software is designed to solve a number of common challenges that businesses will face when navigating the hectic waters of digital marketing and customer outreach. Keep reading to learn more about the top four challenges that you can overcome with the help of Zoho Marketing Plus.

Challenge 1: Generating High Quality Leads

While marketers in the past had to rely on old-fashioned tactics like cold-calling and traditional advertising campaigns, the web gives modern marketing teams the ability to fine-tune their outreach for maximum impact. Of course, figuring out how to generate high-quality leads using your online web presence is still a challenge that many businesses struggle with.

What you need is a system that will allow you to deploy a number of different lead generation tools, so you can turn interested parties into leads no matter where on the web they might interact with your business. With Zoho Marketing Plus, doing this is a breeze. Here are some of the tools that Zoho Marketing Automation offers to help you generate high quality leads:

  • Signup Forms
  • Smart Pop-Ups
  • Webinar Audiences
  • E-Commerce Visitors
  • Event Attendees

Challenge 2: Prioritizing Leads to Nurture

If you’re dealing with a large number of leads on a daily basis, it can seem tempting to treat them all with the same level of care and attention. After all – it’s often hard to tell which leads are most likely to convert into paying customers, and you don’t want to let any potential clients slip by! However, this approach can put a strain on your marketing and sales teams and reduce their overall effectiveness by spreading efforts too thin. To overcome this, you need a way to sort and prioritize leads as they come in so that you can decide which ones deserve the most focus.

Zoho Marketing Plus makes this easy to accomplish. With its marketing automation tools, you can easily identify the leads that are most likely to convert. These are typically those that come in through users voluntarily offering their information through a pop up, email blast, sign up form, or other avenues. They may also be those with a history of engaging with your online content through repeat site visits, webinar attendance, and other channels.

Since you’ll know that these leads have demonstrated a certain level of interest in your products and services, you can then pass them along to your sales team to nurture and progress down your sales funnel. Here are some of the ways that Zoho Marketing Plus can help you prioritize your leads to increase sales:

  • Create custom multi-channel marketing journeys
  • Automate lead engagement and nurturing using intuitive templates
  • Track leads from outreach to conversion
  • Score leads based on engagement level
  • Push content to high value leads to keep them engaged

Challenge 3: Measuring ROI to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts

One of the most essential steps in effectively managing your marketing campaigns is to keep a close eye on your ROI. After all, ROI is the most clear and accurate measure of how well your marketing dollars are performing and turning into positive revenue! By measuring your ROI and allowing it to inform your marketing decisions, you’ll be able to spend your budget where it will have the most impact.

However, calculating the metrics needed to measure ROI by hand can be time-consuming and confusing. Why not let Zoho Marketing Plus do the heavy lifting for you? Rather than crunching the numbers and entering the necessary data manually, you can calculate your ROI easily based on just a few inputs like budget, time, channel, and target. This way, you’ll have the information and the time needed to plan your next marketing move.

Challenge 4: Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies

Your sales and marketing team might share a common goal – to drive new business – but they often have completely different workflows that need to be reconciled to keep everything running smoothly. When your marketing and sales teams are out of sync it can cause confusion and lapses in communication, leading to wasted time and unnecessary headaches.

Luckily, keeping sales aligned with marketing is one major challenge that CRM marketing automation solutions are designed to help you conquer. With the power of Zoho marketing automation software, both teams can stay on the same page throughout every step of the lead conversion cycle. You’ll eliminate department silos – ensuring that everyone is working with the same data, all accessed through a user-friendly marketing dashboard. Both sales and marketing will enjoy more clear and comprehensive workflows facilitated by improved communication.

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