Tips for Managing Email More Efficiently

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Email is intended to be a communication tool – so why do so many companies spend excessive time managing their emails? Zoho email marketing software can help your organization reduce the time spent on email management. Our secure, reliable business email solution is adaptable for enterprises of any size. Enjoy collaborative features, world-class security, and 24/7 customer support with email marketing software i.e., ZohoMail. Let’s review some helpful tips to best leverage the Zoho email features for more efficient email management.

Review and process your inbox once per day

Most people spend a lot of time checking their email throughout the day. While there’s nothing wrong with staying in the loop, consider devoting a daily time slot to email processing. Choose a time in the morning or evening to dedicate solely to reviewing your emails. Prioritize the most important communications. If you don’t finish processing during your allotted time frame, continue on the following day. Does your work involve time-sensitive email communication? You can still incorporate this practice while giving urgent messages your attention. Remember, the goal is to reduce the time spent managing your inbox.

Use the 80/20 rule to prioritize emails

The 80/20 rule presumes that 20% of our inputs are responsible for 80% of the outputs in any given instance. In this situation, we can assume that 20% of our emails lead to 80% of the outputs. It’s crucial to focus on the most important and valuable emails to best leverage your time. So what are the 20%, high-value emails to prioritize? Depending on your industry, they could be anything leading to a business goal. Identify the metrics for your 20% priority emails, and give them top prioritization. Respond to these 20% immediately, leaving the 80% for a later time.

Maintain a “reply by” folder for a specific weekday

With Zoho’s CRM email marketing software, it’s easy to filter your messages by priority. File non-urgent mail into folders based on when a response needs to be sent. Set aside two or three weekdays to respond to your emails, and create “Reply By X” folders to keep your messages organized. The Zoho email platform makes it simple to sort emails for future replies.

Reconsider the need to reply to every message

If you receive a high volume of emails, responding to each message can be literally impossible. Don’t stress out about crafting a reply to every email you receive. With Zoho’s CRM email marketing software, you can automate responses to common inquiries. ZohoMail can also forward specific messages to the appropriate departments within your company.

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Build a library of template responses for frequently asked questions

With Zoho email, you can create a repository of template responses for common questions. If you find yourself sending the same replies repeatedly, that’s a good indication that the message can be automated. Zoho’s email marketing software makes it simple to craft custom templates to reduce response time. Give your customers the answers they need faster, while cutting down your email management time.

Only open relevant emails

When you subscribe to industry newsletters, it’s easy to wind up with an inbox full of random information. Rather than deleting these newsletters, or filtering them for spam, filter them into folders by subject. When you want to access information about a particular topic, your newsletters will be organized and waiting for you. You don’t need to open every inbound message immediately – choose the emails that are most relevant.

Folder all messages into categories

Zoho’s CRM email marketing software makes it simple to sort your messages into an organized system. Hierarchical folders can make this practice even more helpful. Choose first-level folders for general, broad topics and categories, like “HR” or “Accounting”. Within each first-level folder, build second-level and third-level subcategories for further organization. When you need to find a message, you’ll know exactly where to look inside of Zoho Mail.

Filter, filter, filter

The Zoho email system offers myriad custom options to filter your incoming messages. Automatically sort your inbox by key terms, and designate an action for these messages. Depending on the term and the filter, emails will automatically forward, file, and archive. Reduce the amount of time you spend manually organizing your inbox by leveraging Zoho’s email filters.

Practice the 1 minute rule

The 1 minute rule dictates that if a response to an email takes less than a minute to send, you should immediately reply. Avoid letting easily-resolved messages linger in your inbox. Process an impressive amount of emails in less time by adhering to the 1 minute rule.

Limit your overall inbox time

Capping the time you spend in your Zoho email inbox is vital to effective email management. Start by timing yourself the next time you sit down to check your email. Quantify the time it takes to read, process, reply, and sort your messages. Is this time well spent, or could you be using your work time more productively? Establish a reasonable amount of time to spend processing your inbox on a daily basis, and stick to it for improved efficiency.

Unsubscribe from low-value content

If you don’t open or read newsletters from a particular vendor, it’s easier to unsubscribe. Do you find yourself repeatedly deleting messages from your subscriptions? The content isn’t valuable enough for you to read, so why waste time deleting newsletters? Unsubscribe from newsletters that you don’t actually read.

Is ZohoMail right for my company?

Zoho’s email system offers countless features that can benefit any organization. From enterprise-grade Zoho email security to HIPAA email compliance, ZohoMail is a secure and reliable platform. To learn more about ZohoMail pricing and features, connect with the Zoho consulting partners at Enable. The Enable team will walk you through the many features and integrations provided by this email marketing software, ZohoMail. Schedule your complimentary introductory call with Enable today!

What is email management?

Email management is a systematic approach to maximizing the efficiency of email practices and minimizing the negative effects that email handling can have on an individual’s productivity and job satisfaction.

How many email folders should I have?

For most people 5 or fewer is ideal, after that filing becomes more difficult and takes more time. Only create the folder if you’ll reference the emails inside frequently. For example, if you use auto bill pay, then bill reminders won’t be critical to you.

Why is it important to manage your email?

The more email that has to be stored long term, the greater the risk that something could go wrong that would stop email from working. Reducing email makes the entire system run more efficiently so that email is always available.