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What is Canvas View in Zoho CRM?

Let’s see how the Canvas View can be helpful in your field

In the automobile business

If you are a vintage vehicle vendor and use CRM to maintain your accompanying data: list of automobiles, client’s prerequisites, number of vintage vehicles, vehicles available to be auctioned, and more. You can customize the manner in which these items are reflected in your stock, utilizing the material.  

In the Real Estate Business

Let’s assume, you run a real estate firm and use CRM to maintain varied properties.  Using the Canvas tool, you can decide to display these property pictures, adjust the background color of the property region, and highlight the area. You can group the fields like customers’ telephone numbers/email addresses/residential addresses to maintain the records.

In the Tourism Industry

In Zoho CRM, you can make and interchange the record views between ListView and Kanban/Inventory View when needed. To use these special requirements, we have presented the Canvas View. 

Canvas View in Zoho CRM allows you to shape a customized perspective on your CRM records. You can use canvas to add and record images for better identification, apply custom buttons for addressing the fields, utilize explicit font style or size, change the alignment of field types, bunch similar field types, and much more. 

Zoho Authorised Partner will help all businesses whether small or large it will recognize the unique needs of your business that will make out the most of your investment.

How does Canvas function? 

Zoho CRM is the best customizable CRM in the market at present, for two reasons: the what and the how? 

 1.It’s easy to use 

You don’t need to be a Zoho developer or a designer to use Canvas.  Just drag and drop components onto the screen, click for designing alternatives, and that’s it!  

2.It’s exceptionally adaptable 

Canvas offers plenty of customized features where you can use various shadings, try different data arrangements, change text, add borders, shadow, radius, padding, edges, embed background pictures and much more.

How does Canvas help? 

Canvas empowers clients to construct a CRM that they like.  

1.For a cleaner and conveniently usable CRM interface:  

Salespeople spend a lot of their working hours on Zoho CRM. It just bodes well to give them a CRM that they love to use. With Canvas, clients can assemble a CRM that is flexible to work with and is easy to navigate.  

2. For your industry, genuinely yours:  

Every industry is unique and each business is diverse. Canvas helps clients with creating an image. If you are in the tourism industry, your CRM account can contain specifics like recreation, sports & adventure, amusement and holiday trips. You can add a charming perspective by adding pictures of the destination and adventure sports, adjusting the depiction of the area directly underneath the picture, you can choose a font color that emphasizes the picture to catch the client’s eye and utilize some custom field buttons to depict different travel modes.

Design and Build Canvas View 

Zoho CRM permits you to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates and customize them as indicated by your pre-requisites or construct a template without any preparation utilizing the design tools accessible in canvas. You can design and build a canvas view by following the given steps: 

Step 1. Create Canvas View

You can make a canvas view for both standard and custom modules, with the exception of the Activities module.   

  • Sign into your CRM account and select an ideal module. 
  • Press the Canvas View Icon. 
  • You will be diverted to the Canvas View page.  
  • Press ‘Create Your First Canvas View’ to proceed. 

Step 2. Choose a design template or build your own canvas view 

When you decide to make a canvas view for a module you can do both of the accompanying for making a design template: 

To choose a template

 Zoho CRM allows you to browse a variety of pre-characterized templates.

  • In the Choose Template page, select a category from the accessible choices. You can browse People, Organization, Deals, Product, Help Desk, Real Estate and Automobile.  
  • Pick and click on a Template. 
  • In the Field Mapping page, select a field and pick any field starting from the drop rundown to which you need to plan. 
  • Click Next, to proceed. 
  • Then, you will be diverted to the Canvas View Builder page to plan your design. Click Save. 
  • Enter the desired name for the Canvas View created.

  To build your own view 

  • In the Choose Template page, click Blank Template. 
  • In the Canvas View Builder page, plan your design. 
  • Simplified the Fields into the clear layout by dragging and dropping into blank template.
  • For instance, Account Owner, Account Name and so forth 
  • Alter the template design. 
  • Allude to the beneath layout editor table for designing subtleties.

Step 3. Review the format 

When the format is complete, you can review and make any improvements prior to saving. 

Step 4. Offer the canvas view 

You can decide to share the canvas view that you have made. You can share the view either with all the CRM clients or choose a few. The CRM clients can be grouped by jobs, groups, clients, or subordinates.

To share the canvas view

Once the canvas view is created, click Save,

Enter a name for the view.

In Share this with, choose either of the following:

  1. Only me

2. Everyone

3. Selected users: In the Select Source type, you can choose and add users from either Groups, Roles, Roles and subordinates or Users.

4. Click Save. 

Manage, Edit, and Create Additional Canvas View 

You can alter a canvas view that has been made and make more than one canvas perspective for a module. 

To alter and make canvas view 

  •  In the Module page, go to Canvas View and click Manage from the drop list. 
  •  In the Manage Canvas View page, pick either Edit, Clone, Share or Delete. 
  •  Click Create Canvas View starting from the drop to make another view in the module. 

Replicate Canvas View 

You can make a canvas view from the canvas perspectives that you have effectively made. The My Organization Canvas option shows the canvas perspectives from every one of the modules and you can choose the one which you wish to replicate. 

To choose a current Canvas view 

  • Choose a Module and click Create Your First Canvas View. 
  • In the Choose Template page, go to the My Organization Canvas and select a canvas view from the shown list. 
  • You will be redirected to the Field Mapping page.


You can design how your CRM records are displayed. Also, with Canvas, Zoho Developers of Zoho Consulting offers every one of the features to help our clients discover their unique style. So, catch the new wave and enable yourself to serve your clients with the best deals of Zoho Consulting.

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Zoho One

What is ZOHO One: How to use it for Your Business?

ZOHO One is an integrated business management suite designed to help Companies of all sizes, manage deals, advertising, finance, human resource (HR) further which sky is the limit. There are a number of features viz. digital signatures, project tracking, accounting, contact management, and group calendars to name a few. 

The applications empower the sales team to produce leads, manage customer records and speak to them by means of telephone, live chat, or online meetings. Marketers can construct custom websites and use visual analytics to follow visitors’ engagement and interaction with pages. It additionally helps HR Managers with candidate following, resume analyzing, interview scheduling, time tracking, and onboarding. ZOHO One empowers support teams to provide distant assistance. 

What is ZOHO One?  

ZOHO One is a fully-featured cloud application suite to maintain your whole business. It accompanies the enterprise version of 40+ ZOHO applications covering a wide scope of utilization cases, with one admin panel including overall analytics.  

At the point when it was first launched in 2017, ZOHO One presented itself as ‘the working framework for business’ needed to give organizations a one-stop solution for their all-digital business needs.  

The suite has a broad spectrum intended to work on the overall activities of the business. This incorporates communications, sales, back-end processes, Customer Care, HR, ZOHO Office Suite, Accounting, CRM, mobile applications, and much more.  

For independent companies searching for an integrated system, our ZOHO One Partner USA offers a reasonable solution that even new businesses can comfortably adopt within an optimum budget. 

The Benefits of an Integrated System: ZOHO One  

  • The advantages start with not having to integrate and maintain various solutions or independent applications for various sectors of your business. As an organization, you will spend less money on IT, which can be utilized towards other segments of your business operations.   
  • When you have an integrated system, your business will be more proficient at processing every day activities and improving visibility. 
  • In case, everybody is utilizing the similar system, managers can access the data they require and can check its accuracy and updates made therein. Additionally, this data can be accessed effortlessly from any place, anytime and on any device.   

  • At the point when you are prepared to grow and expand, it is a lot simpler to take an integrated system and apply it to new areas. You will actually want to prepare new workers on a solitary stage, which will make it a lot quicker to receive so you can get new activities ready for action in less time.   
  • Training is a vital segment of ZOHO One. The organization gives constant free training to new clients.  
  • The time and cost needed to make everything work together results an organization being less productive, which at last obstructs development. Having integrated software eliminates these intricacies and it smooths out the activities of the organization.  
  • An integrated system gives everybody in the association expanded perceivability, keeps each colleague on the same page and delivers up-to-date and precise data. 
  • Communication is one of the most powerful pillars of effective businesses. Regardless of whether it’s communication between groups, inside groups or with clients; an effective tool can make a difference.  Use ZOHO One application to run and improve both online and offline marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively. 


1. Operating System for Business 

ZOHO One changes the game by offering a complete gamut of application suites at an unbeatable price. ZOHO One has aligned the whole team into one unit and empowers you to settle on data-driven choices.  

2. All-In-One Suite  

ZOHO One provides organizations with all the applications they need to secure and serve clients (marketing, sales, and support apps); run tasks (finance, recruiting, and related HR applications); and give all the tools to its representatives to work cooperatively and complete their work (office suite, mail, individual productivity, and collaboration applications). They can even form custom applications for unique business needs and put them under the same umbrella—making a solitary working system for the whole business.  

With 40+ integral versatile applications alongside a few additional items, ZOHO One offers the broadest set-up of business applications in the market alongside administrative control panel for centralized administration and provisioning.   

3. Unrivaled Integration 

The organization can integrate effectively with third-party applications to guarantee a smooth running of the business as ZOHO One offers many combinations focusing across its applications. These integrations conjoin sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, human resources, and other activities while also promoting communication and collaboration among partners, clients, and sellers.  

ZOHO One likewise integrates with many leading third-party programming applications, securing client decision and adaptability. It breaks the conventional way to deal with integration including enormous financial plans and multitudes of costly IT experts to integrate application storehouses from numerous sellers to set up IT.   

4. Centralized Administrative Control 

ZOHO One offers one secure record and single sign-on access to the whole suite. A solitary admin panel empowers and controls access, simplifying provisioning, access, and audit. Clients are provisioned, groups made and shared across applications; all from a solitary spot. Policies might be characterized such as implementing two-factor authentication for all representatives to guarantee secure access. Control can be centrally enforced or delegated through service admins for individual divisions and groups.  

5. Disruptive Pricing Model 

This operating system shares with traditional vendor pricing strategies —like redesigns, additional items, multi-year agreements, and usage limitations—designed to chain the client to the seller and make genuine pricing opaque.  

ZOHO One incorporates enterprise-level editions of all business applications, alongside portable, local applications and extensions. This framework doesn’t tie the entrepreneur into multi-year legally contractual formalities.  


ZOHO One offers all the things we currently utilize and require in addition to a lot more features that we are presently use in business on a day-to-day basis.  

The integrated system developed by ZOHO One that all employees can be,, connected to one another, making your data and business streams all associated, without the need for any complex integration. Even a marketer can customize and set up all the devices without any assistance from the IT team. Contact a Zoho Consultant today.

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Training-Provider CRM: Manage-Enrollments

Training Provider CRM: How to Manage Enrollments Effectively?

Here we’ll uncover how the Training Provider CRM can help you address every one of the difficulties in enrollment.  

The Training Providing industry is consistently expanding with the developing corporate areas everywhere in the world. Individuals are intrigued to upskill their representatives.  

The business is flourishing and with the right CRM arrangement would it be able to survive in this time? 

Let’s see how with the ZOHO Subscription, a custom-made Training Provider CRM can stop the difficulties found in enrollment and manage it effectively. 

 1. Managing Details: 

You utilize a custom-fitted CRM for preparing suppliers where all your enrollment subtleties are halfway put away and coordinated.   

The Training Provider CRM permits you to catch all the important data in an exact way at the enrollment module, from where you can dive into finer points. 

When you need, you can just search by the contact name, enrollment name or enrollment no. and you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips.  

2. Dealing with Multiple Enrollments for One Engagement: 

Assume a corporate customer needs six of its workers to take part in six distinct courses each. The contact individual is the chief who isn’t one of the members. The Training Provider ZOHO Webinar (CRM) makes this as simple as a pie for you. Simply make the commitment under a particular name. Also, you can make different enrollments under the equivalent. You can undoubtedly explore the Enrollment module from the connected rundown on the left board. 

3. Viable Batch Management:  

You can house all your preparation clumps in the Batches module. The Training Provider CRM makes it all really simple!  The overview permits you to see all pivotal subtleties like the name of the clump, start date, end date, and so on. For your benefit, you can shift through the clumps by course, educators, and so forth. 

4. CRM For Preparing Supplier:  

You can see all the enrollments you take for a specific bunch here. On the off chance that there’s any update you need to ship off anyone or every one of the members in this Batch, you can do this without any problem.  

5. A Single Tick Certificate Generation:  

It can be hard to set up an appropriate printed copy of the endorsements. Here and there the signatories are not accessible, or a previous competitor needs another one as the person in question has lost the first duplicate.  

With only a single click you can create a testament and straightforwardly mail it or print it. We should perceive how it functions.  

Go to the enrollment whose endorsement you need to produce. From the upper-right dropdown menu click on Mail Merge. 

6.Incredibly Diminishes Preparing Times: 

Numerous employees may have felt reluctant to take part in study hall preparation in light of the fact that it takes a significant amount of time.  With ZOHO-CRMemployees can complete a course quicker in light of the fact that the cycle is computerized which is good to manage enrollments effectively. 


It is interesting what such moment fundamental functionalities in a business significantly mean for both the business and their customers.  

Upskilling is a famous pattern today and organizations are continually searching for approaches to upskill their workers.  

Use this chance and smooth out your enrollment on the board with the assistance of the Training Provider CRM, based on top of grant-winning ZOHO CRM

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Zoho Consulting

Law Firm CRM: Best Way To Streamline Operations

The utilization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) innovation in law firms is growing quickly. The law firms need to arrange data and have all information in a solitary hotspot for every part of business improvement and clients’ management within the firm to remain cut-throat in the present economy.  

ZOHO Consulting can help your organizations in profiling possibilities, understanding clients’ necessities, and building associations with them, giving them the best; just as an extremely significant degree of client support. This assists a firm with introducing a bound together face to its clients and working on the nature of the relationship.  

The fundamental part of a CRM in the everyday existence of these organizations is to smooth out backend efficiencies so you can zero in on winning cases and provide legal counsel.  

Utilization of An Effective CRM for Law Firms 

  1. Centralized Clients’ Data 

CRM puts the entire data in a solitary system and permits you to impart the information to any other individual in the firm who needs to get it, so you can effectively manage the data.  

From the subtleties of every one of your cases to the cost reports consistently, everything is in one spot. The Law Firm CRM puts all your information and sorts out it under explicit modules.   

2. Organize Significant Tasks  

This point is especially pertinent when you meet a prospective client and you need to make certain development time to time. With the help of the ZOHO One, you can set reminders to reach that client and assign deadlines and objectives. Consequently, you can clearly check on the progress of the follow-up by going online and looking at that client’s record. 

3. Manage All Archives at One Place 

At this point when you have a client, you have many records and it’s difficult to arrange, retrieve or even share them with your associates. With a decent CRM, records can easily be coordinated in organizers and they can be shared with your partners, erased, filed or easily altered.   

4. Automating Marketing Capacities  

You could imagine that marketing activities aren’t the center of your business and it’s not worth doing showcasing as you now have numerous different activities consistently. With a good CRM you can easily automate marketing actions so they won’t take much of your time. 

5.Tracking Each Client’s Interaction  

In case you’re a supervisor you don’t just have to work on your everyday work and how you treat cases, you likewise need to develop your business and be certain that you and your group change leads into clients and that you hold these customers. With a CRM you’ll have the option to investigate client care and screen the exercises of your group. It will give your real information on the communication between your customer and the firm.  

6. Time Encoding  

 In our particular answers for the legal advisors, the encoding of time is done for charging purposes.  It permits all CRM users to precisely gauge the time spent accomplishing something. The user who wishes to record the time click on the “play” catch of the clock. At the point when he has done the job he needs to gauge, he taps the “Stop” button. The counter stops and another activity opens. The client can, obviously later, alter the time spent, connect a task, a contact, an organization etc. 

7. Timesheet  

A good CRM facilitates a timesheet which is the “time encoding structure” to centralize the time for each user worked on a document.  

8. Invoice Generation 

An Invoice module can be developed for an attorney with a few targets through a good CRM. Lawyers can log the time spent on the matter alongside the date and undertakings performed. The quantity of hours that they chipped away at the matter is pulled from the Matter module and the hourly rates are pulled from the Attorney module to produce a billable invoice at the month’s end. 

9. Information Backup  

With a cloud-based CRM or we can say by using ZOHO Desk, data is backed up, so if your PC crashes, or your printed copy records are harmed, you’ll in any case have all your required data to keep your practice running. As far as security is concerned, it’s better to shift the data on a drive in your home or office.  

10. Cost Management  

Dealing with your costs is a fundamental piece of any business since you need to follow your productivity. It is extremely critical on account of Contingency matters.  

The Law Firm CRM accompanies the module of Expenses, where you can refresh the subtleties of your costs and keep up with them. Assume you need to add the cost of a specific matter, go to the Matter and you’ll discover Expenses. 

11. Effectively Schedule Tasks  

Schedule Tasks through the CRM for yourself and different individuals from your firm. Beyond task management, a CRM can assist the executives with monitoring events, meetings and even court dates. You’ll save time since you don’t need to look through numerous schedules to find the data, and be significantly less prone to fail to remember something along the way. 


The requirement for a CRM arrangement fills rapidly in the lawful environment.  

An effective CRM can help your law firm whether it’s a beginning stage or you’ve been doing business for a long time. With the right arrangement, you can sort out and deal with all aspects of your firm to get more benefits while smoothing out activities.   

Managing different customers and attempting to win each case is a serious nerve-wracking task. The Zoho Partner USA Law Firm CRM makes your Clients Management Process exceptionally simple and allows you to focus on the other essential work of the firm. 

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