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A powerful combination of all core features includes accounting, business projects, customer relationship management, reporting; packed in transparency, all in one place. That is where Striven stands supreme as a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

Striven assists companies to connect, and improve their core business processes, thus turning them into powerful, impactful, and success-driven platforms. As a premier ERP system, it has all the features one would expect to enhance the flow of information and data across teams in the company.

It comprises management tools that include integration tools for social media and calendars, company hub, dynamic reporting, dashboard customization, client support, and many more. It is one coherent system that allows you to run your business from a single dashboard. It comprises dynamic features to make your operations more secure, efficient, and valuable.

How can Help Your Business?

Boost Sales And Productivity

You will have access to CRM tools to leverage data that will assist you in forming new customer relationships. To seamlessly manage your business, its marketing tools produce automated emails, notifications, and financial documents. Track sales, management, and analytics to boost your productivity with a tool bag of useful, compact features. Increase sales through sales pipeline management and improve efficiency in your business.

Integrate With Systems To
Manage Workflows

Make more informed decisions with Striven as the ERP system provides powerful tools for leveraging data alongside seamlessly managing the business workflows. You can access the software from any place, anywhere, to work with ease anytime. Integrate core processes from Google, Microsoft, Authorize. Net, Yodlee, and ShipStation through Striven and lead the road to improved functionality.

Enhance Visibility And Efficiency

Manage your project management cycle through the Striven planning and collaboration tools. Drive and build the project workflows, monitor your budgets followed by enhanced visibility. Track projects, store documents and data in one centralized location to increase efficiency. With Striven, you can delegate the business tasks and collaborate with teams across to share important information. Manage the teams and customers and improve transparency through the reports created through Striven.

Get The Right Software For
Your Business With
Enable Solutions.

Success-driven, just as Striven, Enable works to extend the best development services for premium software for your business. As a development company, we understand the requirements for software for a company’s core processes. With us, you get customized solutions built per the company size, staff, and the industry your business is part of. For any software to boost productivity and manage core processes efficiently, it is essential to know the basic features and the advanced industry-specific tools provided to enable dynamic management.

With us, your business will get the best features of Striven as a dynamic ERP solution, and it even comes at an affordable price for all our clients. Our skilled and professional developers in the team provide the right assistance to nurture you with the product features, advantages, and disadvantages and whether the software is suitable for your business type.

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