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Create and crack the potential deals you have been working for, for a long time with Striven, the powerhouse software for CRM and sales. Get going for managing and marketing your business as you see your sales hit the curve top soaring with high increments in profits every year. At Enable Solutions, we strive to see your business touch heights with excellent accountability and seamless transparency. Our skilled and qualified developers share the excellence of extending the best support services for creating the software as per your requirements for your CRM system.

With Enable Solutions, you get customized, tailor-made solutions for your business software. Enable is your only compatible partner for software development as we are digitally and truly yours. As the right and complete software solutions to boost sales, it is the next digital revolution. Revolutionize your sales funnel and increase profitability by integrating lead generation and business workflows.

Facilitate the information repository and your customer database at a centralized location to access information anywhere, anytime, and fast forward your business flows. The powerful and impactful platform lets you run your business without having to pop in and out of various programs as you get all your information stored in one place.

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We take pride in extending the best support services from skilled professionals. Our tailor-made solutions are for software that belongs to you, for your business. Meet and work with the team that believes in innovation infused in excellence.With us, you get the best features of Striven as an all-inclusive solution for a premier ERP system. Enable work to enhance your customer base management through the customer management tools. To nurture your existing and potential relationships and provide satisfaction at par, Enable

  • Finds and analyzes data to ensure you respond to the right customers for lead generation and build long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Automate your emails, financial documents, and notifications to save free time and focus on core business processes.
  • Get valuable insights into your products through feedback from your customers.
  • You can show revenue per task alongside service-metric reports.

Enable assists you analyze your business metrics through real-time reports and visual dashboards. Hence, you get an accurate presentation of your sales in a day, month, and year. Get into detailed sales tracking, monthly statements, and reminders, all customized according to your requirements.

Enable offers Software to multiple sectors of our industries. We provide customized solutions as products for

  • Professional services
  • Retail and Commerce
  • Field services
  • IT services
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Consulting
  • Construction and contracting
  • Legal and law firms
  • Real estate and Property Management
  • Education
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    Avail of the dynamic Striven software for an affordable price tag. We assign skilled and experienced developers to cater to your needs and the right assistanc e to guide you well through the product details, advantages, and disadvantages for your business type and requirements.

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