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When it comes the digital era, we at Enable Technology understand how complex the use of technology is related to real people when it comes to using and managing the use of different technology platforms used in any given company.

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When we engage on a creative process, we work with your company to design, document to keep it simple and to the point. This helps as everyone knows what is going to happen when the button is pushed. In the end, the output of our technology systems will provide performance data that deliver all the high-quality reports for executive decision making.

We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users. - Jeff Atwood 

Enable Tech Systems Built For Your Business & Not The Other Way Around
  1. Customer Experience : There is already a massive wave of integration between marketing and Customer Experience. We crave for more channels, touch points and devices to support CX Strategies. In an era of exceptional customer experience, it’s a no brainer that every interaction with the company is memorable and meaningful. It’s not transactional — it’s relational.  
  2. Mobile First : When it comes to the modern era of technology based digitalization, a mobile first approach always rules the roost with consumer engagement at the forefront. E-Commerce and retail have been the pioneers in adopting this technology. Mobile based transactions help create seamless shopping experiences by saving time and money for consumers as well as retailers.
  3. Performance Based Marketing : With the onset of ad-free platforms and an ongoing pandemic environment, digital ad spends have taken a turn for “Performance Based Campaigns”. Campaigns have now shifted to measurable channels to drive positive ROI and facilitate an end-to-end approach. 
  4. AI & Machine Learning : Top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for marketing (28% vs. 12%), according to Adobe’s latest Digital Intelligence Briefing. AI & ML equips companies to offer auto generated content for personalization, product & content recommendations along with audience identification as the top use cases. 47% of marketers are currently using AI as an integral part of their audience, targeting strategies for online advertising, and 45% are for audience segmentation. 

Enable Tech Systems Built For Your Business& Not The Other Way Around


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At Enable Solutions our goal in this new era of orchestration is for marketing to support sales cycles and help accelerate deal velocity, working together in an integrated and synchronous manner. Enterprise buying committees are growing in size, making it difficult for sales people to have one-on-one conversations with stakeholders. Here is where we come in. We know how to communicate different messages to different personas. We excel in multi-channel orchestration, spanning digital channels as well as human touches.

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How We Fuel The Change.

AI & IOT Driven

AI & IOT drive CRM automation with substantial integration possibilities. It makes way for Robotic Automation to increase productivity & effeciency.

User Friendly

State-of-the-art app customizations, renaissance of simplicity, and a front light system has made User Experience easier.


Using automation, CRMs offer high quality customer services while optimizing operational costs. This helps in transformative digitalisation.

Mobile CRMs

Mobile interfaces for CRMs offer greater security features, intuative interfaces, offline/online environments and cross platform applications.