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Why communication is crucial in the software development processes

By September 19, 2022February 29th, 2024No Comments
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Maintaining internal communications is vital to each stage of the software development cycle. Producing high-quality software will be easier than ever, with the help of Zoho Cliq. Let’s learn how Zoho’s team collaboration software equips your team for excellent communication.

Why is communication important to the software development process?

There are many reasons why team communication is essential throughout the development cycle. A team communication platform can help your employees remain productive, work efficiently across departments, reduce wasted time, avoid errors, and foster a more effective working community.

Though most companies use strategies like SDLC and agile methodologies to build software, these tools do little to streamline the development process for the people actually working on the software. Zoho Cliq offers the project collaboration tools to facilitate efficient communication during software development.

Let’s explore how Zoho Cliq can support excellent communication during each stage of the development cycle

  1. Planning

Successful software development begins with a clear plan. Zoho Cliq offers the project collaboration tools that your team needs. Create and integrate a ScrumBot for your Cliq extension. Your ScrumBot can create and assign tasks to various teams, conduct meetings in channels, and manage your entire workflow. You can communicate with other teams using channels, as well as communicate internally with team channels. Define your objectives and create actionable plans to achieve your goals. Start every project on the right foot with Zoho’s team collaboration software.

  1. Designing

After the project management team has defined their strategies, they will need to communicate and collaborate with designers. Avoid the ambiguity and confusion of explaining ideas with words, using Zoho Cliq’s whiteboard feature. Designers can create drawings to illustrate their ideas and share them with your team for instant feedback. This team collaboration software can automatically detect shapes, so your drawings don’t need to be perfect. Using external channels, you can share your ideas with external users from other organizations.

  1. Coding

After a design is selected, it will be sent to the development team. Use project collaboration tools like Code Snippets to share your work with your colleagues for feedback. Share your screen with other developers on this team communication platform to tackle any problems or errors.

  1. Testing

Ensure the precision and accuracy of your product through testing. It’s critical to address known issues prior to deployment, or risk negative customer experiences. Zoho Cliq makes it easy to identify and resolve any bugs during testing. There are countless extension integrations available to source code solutions, and teammates can collaborate effortlessly using the chat window.

  1. Deployment

Once your software is ready to go live, Zoho’s team collaboration software is an invaluable resource. Tracks deploy code updates automatically, with automated notifications posted to the project’s Cliq channel. Stay on top of any and all code updates with the help of Zoho Cliq.

  1. Support

Support agents are a vital part of software development, as they communicate directly with clients. Gain real-time insight into your customer feedback with Zoho Cliq. Tracking customer feedback is easier than ever, thanks to automation. Automate notifications to be posted to the appropriate channel whenever customer feedback is registered. You can even integrate your ticket system to post notifications whenever a ticket is created or updated! Zoho’s team collaboration software helps your company offer world-class software support.

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Improve your software development cycle today with Zoho Cliq!

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