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6 Ways Social Media Marketers Use Analytics

By August 31, 2022January 31st, 2024One Comment
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Did you know that social media analytics software is the most effective way to tap into an incredibly underutilized resource? Over 4.7 billion people use social media globally. User-generated content creates invaluable data, but leveraging this data effectively isn’t always easy. With the help of Zoho Social, your company will enjoy the tools needed to build, maintain, and measure a powerful social media presence. Let’s discover six exciting ways that your social media marketing team will benefit from analytics.


Master a deeper understanding of your audience.

Understanding your followers is critical to generating effective content. Using Zoho for social media management helps your company get a more nuanced perspective of their audience. Social media monitoring reveals actionable insight into the demographics of your audience. Delivering precision-targeted content has never been easier. With Zoho’s social media tracking, you’ll learn crucial information about your followers, like location, age, language, age group, and industry. Users can even track the times when most of your followers will be online to optimize your posting schedule.

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Measure the impact of social media campaigns.

It’s essential to measure the performance and reach of your social media campaigns. With Zoho social media analytics software, you’ll discover data-driven insights across your social and business platforms. The most successful social media campaigns require some fine-tuning. Zoho analytics takes the guesswork out of developing an effective campaign. Drawing data from cross-functional sources reveals new insights into campaign performance and conversion rates. Ensure your social media ad spend is optimized to its fullest potential with Zoho Social.

Analyze what makes content effective

Generating targeted content is a fantastic way to build your brand identity while engaging your audience. Social media analytics software helps identify what type of content performs best. Zoho’s engagement dashboards use social media monitoring to record engagement. At a click, you’ll have a central view of:

  1. Post engagement (likes, shares, comments, favorites)
  2. Content type (image, video, text) performance
  3. Which type of devices access your content
  4. Impressions and reach of each post
  5. Company profile views
  6. Campaign click-through rates

Social media tracking delivers the insights you need to create the most powerful targeted content.

Get inside the mind of the competition.

While you’re busy building your brand’s social media presence, your competitors are doing the same thing. Zoho’s social media analytics software makes it easy to bolster your strategy. Zoho analytics tracks key metrics on your competitor’s channels, from engagement to keyword use. This information can be implemented to hone your campaigns to outperform your competitors. Consider Zoho Social to be your secret weapon.

Know your strongest platforms.

Leverage your content effectively by understanding which social media platforms are best for your business. Zoho’s social media analytics software can measure the traffic, engagement, and sales received from each channel. After you identify which platforms are most valuable to your company, you can curate your campaigns around the right channels.

Improve your ROI

The beauty of social media reporting software. Your business will benefit from actionable insights without manually collecting data. Zoho Social will reduce the human hours spent retrieving data from multiple channels and platforms. Whether your goals are to boost conversions, build brand awareness, or increase engagement, Zoho social media management provides the tools you need.

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