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Enjoy discovering the benefits of Zoho with a Zoho free trial from Enable. We know that choosing a marketing software product is a complicated process. The best way to discern which CRM solution is right for your company is through firsthand experience. As a CRM consulting service, Enable helps clients optimize their many sales and marketing processes.

With over 40 unique applications available, a Zoho CRM trial is a great way to discover which products are most relevant for your business. You’ll have the opportunity to understand the value of a Zoho license before you make the commitment.

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Does Zoho One Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Zoho free trials are available for Zoho One. Zoho One is a collection of business management applications organized under a unified interface. Over 40 applications are included to provide everything you need to operate your business through the cloud.

How Long Is The Zoho Trial?

The Zoho CRM trial period is 30 days for all editions:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Your Zoho CRM free trial will include full access to all features included with your choice of edition. The only restrictions are the amount of users you can add, and the amount of storage space you can utilize.

What happens when my Zoho trial ends?

At the end of your Zoho free trial period, your account won’t disappear. No matter which edition you chose, at the end of your free trial, your Zoho account will be automatically changed to our Free plan. You’ll retain access to all of your stored data. However, the Free Zoho license offers limited functionality.

To enjoy the full benefits of Zoho’s sales and marketing software products, we encourage you to purchase a subscription plan.

Not sure which subscription plan is right for your organization? Don’t worry. Our CRM consulting service is happy to weigh in with our best advice. Schedule a demo with Enable to learn about the benefits of each Zoho bundle. We’ll ensure that your company has the proper tools to achieve your goals for growth and revenue.

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FAQs | Zoho Free Trial

How many different Zoho One plans are available?

There are 2 plans:

  • Flexible-User Pricing:
    We offer Flexible-User Pricing at $105 per user per month, or $90 per user per month with an annual subscription. This means you can buy any number of user licenses, you do not have to purchase licenses for ALL employees.
  • All Employee Pricing
    We offer the All Employee Pricing at a special price of $45 per employee per month, or $37 per employee per month with an annual subscription, provided you purchase licenses for ALL employees in the company.

Is the Free edition of Zoho CRM the same as the free trial?

No. The free version of Zoho CRM is an independent edition that offers critical features that are ideal for small businesses which can support up to three users. This edition includes:

  • Leads, deals, and contact management
  • Tasks and events
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Integration WITH other Zoho apps

Can I increase the number of users in the trial edition?

No. Zoho CRM offers a 30-day free trial for the Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. The trial version will include all features for the edition chosen. In the trial edition you can only add up to 3 users. In order to add more users, you must upgrade to the paid edition.

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