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What is a good Social Media Marketing Strategy?

By July 13, 2021February 28th, 2024No Comments
What is a good Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to update your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

social media Staying updated with the latest social media platform changes is a constant challenge. A social media strategy summarizes everything you plan to do and expect to achieve on social media. It guides your steps and lets you know whether you’re succeeding or failing. The more precise your plan is, the more productive it will be.  It is important for any corporation, especially in this digital world. Using Zoho One helps improve your business because you can target large audience posts through social media and share promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing could be a document containing all your social media goals and promoting tactics, which you will use to achieve the metrics you will track to show your progress. Thus, it means that each of your goals should be SMART:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound
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Let’s understand a few smart Social Media Marketing methods for business

  1.  Start using Chatbot
This is no surprise as it is a digital tool that communicates and can even resolve many issues for your customers without human interference. Chatbots are integrated within the platforms that clients feel most comfortable interacting with. Features highlighted below- Can answer customer’s questions. Integrate with all major payment systems. Can take orders directly from messenger and comments. 2. Create a personalized experience for your customers Technology that enables you to gather everything you know about a customer and then integrate that information into a central system can give you a unique competitive advantage.  With the proper technology, the opportunity to personalize social media customer service is almost endless. Some of the benefits are:
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Boost your sales.
  • Make your customers’ experiences more personal.
3. Set up accounts and improve profiles- How are other small and medium-sized businesses using social media tools to communicate with customers?
Which of these methods do you ever use to communicate with business about goods and services?
Write out a mission statement for each network. A sentence declaration to keep you focused on a specific goal. Example- “We will use Twitter for customer support to keep email and call volumes down.” Example- “We will use LinkedIn for promoting and sharing our company’s culture to assist with recruitment and employee advocacy.” Once you have got that network set to target, it’s time to make your profiles or improve the present ones so that they align along with your strategy.
  1. Create a social media content calendar-
Ensure that your content strategy and calendar replicate the mission statement you have assigned to every social profile so that everything you post supports your business goals. You may choose things like: ★ 25% can drive traffic back to your website. ★ 25% is going to be curated from other sources. ★ 25% will support lead generation goals. ★ 25% will be regarding your company’s culture. You can even follow the 80/20 rule if you are new and do not know what that is it’s:
  • 80% of your posts should inform, educate or entertain your audience.
  • 20% can directly promote your brand.
  1. Create a community for your audience –
Social media users are looking for a genuine experience when they engage with brands. More innovative companies are gaining success by offering original content to build genuine relationships.  Social media is about being social, and if your customers see the same content again and again, they’ll lose interest, so build your communication interactively by:
  • Asking your audience questions.
  • Gathering their opinion on certain matters.
  • Liking and sharing some of their posts.
  • Asking them to interact directly along with your post through “Likes” and “Shares”.
  • Sharing interesting data instead of simply data regarding your product and services.
Different platforms attract totally different audiences like Facebook and YouTube.  So which platforms should be given marketing priority for a business?  The answer varies based on one key factor: your target audience. As of January 2021, Pinterest’s self-service advertising tools identified the female audience at 77.1%, the male audience at 14.5%, and the remainder as unspecified.
  1. Establish a social media budget-
Allocating the accurate budget to your social media efforts is crucial to your success. Leveraging the funding with the right strategy will be the only efficient way to reach your targeted audience.  Compare your budget to how similar companies estimate for social media.  Be sure to account for media, content creation, reporting, planning, and appointment time.  Lastly crystallize your goals, audiences, and channels in your social media strategy. Conclusion – In a world with over 70% of internet users active on social networks, who spend at least one hour a day on average on those social networks, we have to conclude that social networks have become a sort of reality in which people communicate, interact and trust.  In such a world, we must admit that social networks have become a part of the business world. Over 90% of marketers report they are using social networks for business, while over 60% of them claim to have acquired new customers over social networks. Zoho Partner USA also allows you to analyze your performance that helps in interacting with the online audience by promoting your product offers on social media channels Therefore, social media marketing is no longer considered to be on probation; instead, it has become an essential part of the business world. This article What is a good social media strategy? is also posted on LinkedIn Business Articles.

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