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How To Optimize Email Marketing For Digital Marketers In 2021?

By September 30, 2021February 28th, 2024No Comments

Email has become a mainstay in the world of online marketing, used by eCommerce businesses as a strategy for converting customers and gaining more leads.

While 2020 may have been an uncertain year for business, it has pushed email marketing to the forefront of digital marketing campaigns and made it one of the most important tools for engagement.

With more and more consumers who shop online, the need for email marketing emerges even faster. In Fact we can combine automation and personalization to make its impact more powerful and increase our Return on Investment. 

While we are moving into 2021, it’s clear that email marketing will become a big focus for many mid/big size businesses. 

Email marketing is very effective in promoting your product, sending newsletters without much cost, reaching your business goals and communicating with your customers, sitting at a remote place. 

In 2020 the approximate number of email users was 4 billion, which is more than half of the world population. Email marketing is the most efficient channel for marketing and for every $1 you spend; you can expect a return on your investment of $50. 

We will look at some strategies to help you achieve your Digital Marketing Goal in 2021

1. Personalization in Email Marketing:

Customers don’t want to feel like just a number they want to feel like a valuable part of the company they invest in. Through automation, we lack this personalization. When sending a message to the customer, do not write ‘Dear valued customer’, instead, write ‘Dear John White’ so that the customer connects himself with the company.

In this way, we can use automation and AI to send targeted emails that appeal to your specific target audience. Analyze customer habits and preferences for each part of the segment and make template email based on this research. 

2. Use Behavioural-Based Segment:

Instead of sending generic messages to everyone, we should send the relevant messages to customers, this is segmentation and when you utilize it on your email campaign, you get a better conversion rate, leads, revenue, transactions, and ROI. Most importantly segment your customers on the basis of industry, company size, and sales cycle. 

The segmentation results include increased performance in:

3.Send Mobile Friendly Email: –

Initially, in 2012, 27% of all marketing emails used to open on mobile devices, gradually this percentage is getting increased up to 42%, now it has reached 61%. 

Companies know about their customers because when we get up, we first check our cell phones for any email related to us, we read it, and in fact constantly check on several company’s promotions, sales, discounts, offers, news, etc.

4. Revenue per email on mobile devices is 4X higher than Desktop.

Most of the companies do A/B testing their email campaign, whether you test landing pages or email templates, testing gives us good data to make practical decisions that will improve our marketing decisions. 

You can also test: 

  • From address – The name that appears in the “from” field has a huge impact on reader whether he/she open your mail or not. 
  • Plain Text v/s HTML campaigns- When you can add the element of personalisation, plain text appears to be written just for the reader. 
  • Long v/s short emails- You can choose your email Performa short/sweet or long detailed informatic. 

5. Customer Appreciating Emails:

Providing a sense of value to users, customer appreciation email means-

  • Sending Birthday message with discount/offers/sale. 
  • Early access invites
  • Thank you emails

Even you can send discounts out to frontline staff and healthcare workers, doing this little means, they will feel more respected towards you. 

Zoho Creator Partner helps you in identifying the right set of tools for your business that makes it convenient for delivering unified customer service.

6. Send out Emails at the Right Time of Day:

Always keep time zones in mind and apply them to your segmentation strategy so that you can reach all your customers at the right time, wherever they are, also ensure that you are sending the right email to the right person, at the right time. Otherwise, customers may get bothered by such a nonpersonal approach.

7. Ask Customers for Feedback and Suggestions:

The email marketing strategy only involves customers, we want to know what they want. 

Ask them for their feedback regarding their recent purchase, your product, services and also inquire about what you can do to improve them. You will understand their needs, wants, and opinions which will help you in getting a deeper understanding of the customer’s mindset. 

Do not ask too many complex questions, just simple questions through emails or face-to-face. 

8. Enhance your Email Marketing data with CRM Data:

The best way to manage customer data effectively is by using CRM. By using such a great technology CRM system that helps companies to track all customer interaction, leads, sales, queries, etc.

With CRM you can enhance the communication journey with your customer like- when to send them emails, what kind of emails they like to receive. 

CRM actually increases customer experience, improves customer loyalty so it would be a very strategic decision that will leave a real impact on the company. 

Conclusion –

Marketing is all about making trust with your prospects that you are the right person to solve their challenges. 

Hence, Email marketing is a great tool that gives you a good close bond with them through a perfectly timed message to each of your segments, creates personalization, offers valuable content to them in order to build good relationships and trust. 

Email marketing still has a lot to offer and it will not go away any time soon as it is a preferred choice of millions to communicate with the business.  Zoho one partner USA can help you instantly to communicate with millions through a Zoho campaign that will build better relationships and trust.

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