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Zoho Vault – Your Bank In the Cloud

By December 28, 20212 Comments

Zoho Vault is a secure password manager that safely manages your passwords and auto-fills them across websites and applications. 

Here is why Vault would be the right tool for you if you are looking for a dependable password manager for personal and business use.

Secure access to all your passwords

Store passwords, notes, financial institution information, and any other sensitive data

  • Use the built-in password creator to create and save strong unique passwords for each account
  • Securely share passwords with multiple users and groups in your organization
  • Sync your passwords across all your devices for free
  • View and access your passwords offline when you do not have a stable connection
  •  Accept password access requests for passwords with added security enabled
zoho vault

Is Zoho Vault secure?

Zoho Vault is secure. With a zero-knowledge model and AES-256 encryption, your passwords are safe with Zoho. 

Zoho has a host-proof hosting model, meaning your data is encrypted before it’s sent anywhere. Additionally, it offers secure sharing with RSA-4096.

Zoho Vault offers a robust free plan for individuals, with easy-to-use unlimited password storage and flexible business plans for teams.  Zoho Vault has some unique features that set it apart from the competition.

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Master Password:

The master password is a critical feature of protecting your Vault.  If it becomes unprotected, you could reveal all your passwords and credit card information. 

Fortunately, Zoho Vault makes every effort to protect you from misuse of your password. Further, Zoho Vault evaluates your favored master word and informs you if it’s susceptible or is being used.

Privacy Coverage:

Our privacy commitment: Zoho has never sold your information to someone else for advertising or made money by showing you other people’s ads, and we never will. This has been our approach for almost 20 years, and we remain committed to it. 

Zoho stores your name and contact data for purchases but not credit card figures, except when you give permission. Your website and use of web software are also covered.

Collected Information You Provide:

  1. Account signup
  2. Event Enrollment 
  3. Payment process
  4. Appreciation letter
  5. Zoho commerce with information collected automatically from Browser, Server and Website
  6. Monitoring Technology
  7. Operation log and mobile analytics information Collected from 1/ 3- Parties

Security Strategy:

As an agency with over forty million customers, Zoho has a robust security strategy, including a privacy policy and GDPR-readiness. Clients need to read the complete history before they take on responsibilities that risk users. They also sign a confidentiality agreement and are usually trained to get up-to-date statistics about online security.

In addition, some firewalls and Anti-Virus Software help reject access. As a result, your computer is protected against any signs of attack.

The data of each administrator is kept separate from other choices, so it is not possible to go to every other Vault even if a breach occurs. In addition, if a malicious web page is uploading to, the HTTP Strict Transport Security Title (HSTS) will inform your cyber security to use a translated connection.

Zoho scans its network for junk mail, phishing, and other vulnerabilities. It also includes consumer files that may contain malware. The full backup is done every week, and a consumer can retrieve this information as far back as three months. A virus security program is also underway to rapidly fix vulnerabilities.

Password Information Center:

The data centers in Zoho Vault are:

    • United States ( central Washington, Dallas)
    • Ireland (Dublin)
    • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    • India (Mumbai, Chennai)
    • China (Beijing, Shanghai)
    • Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)

This information may be necessary to purchase their information in a specific country to meet local data retention laws. 

Zoho Vault Setup:

Setting up your Zoho Vault is easy as it works as a web application on your computer. You do not need to locate any apps, create an account on, and create a password. To turn on 2FA, add email addresses or limit access to the named IP, you must be logged into your Zoho account. You will find a hyperlink at the top-right corner of your Vault interface. 

Once you are in, you can add passwords directly by hitting the “plus” icon.

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Zoho Vault is one of the more excellent password managers for agencies. Zoho Vault, as a browser-based extension, works very well. The best part is that it also supports 2 Aspect Authentication.

For those concerned about storing their passwords online, it’s guaranteed that you have nothing to worry about. Zoho encrypts your passwords, so no one else can access them.  If you do not have a multiple-user account, Zoho Vault is your perfect password manager. Zoho One integrated system to transform your business. Connect with Zoho Partner USA to excel in all business dynamics.

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