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All New Zoho One 2021- What’s New?

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Zoho One seeks to address operational, digitization, sales automation, and retention issues that businesses face. The most recent enhancements are intended to promote a hybrid work model and experience, allowing businesses to scale even in unexpected times, further allowing for easy customization and personalization of workplaces to improve the user experience. They are jam-packed with services that will enhance collaborative productivity and employee experience by introducing applications that bridge the gap between employees, employers, and teams. Hence, preparing organizations for the future.

A Unified User Experience

All Zoho One applications now have a consistent user experience to look at and navigate through. With over 50 pre-built widgets spanning the whole corporate processes and customized on every user’s home screen, Zoho now delivers unified navigation, calendar, and dashboard. These enhancements make Zoho One’s overall experience more simplified and efficient. Third-party integrations are now unified and may be integrated into the Zoho One ecosystem, giving users access to all Zoho and third-party applications.

The New Services Now Included in Zoho One

Work Graph: Zoho’s new business software backend service maps relationships between people, resources, systems, and processes, by analyzing signals and their strength across the board to create a business-wide work graph that is unique to each employee within the company. The outcome of a work graph can be observed in users’ day-to-day productivity across multiple apps.

Org Dictionary: Another new company-wide service provides a centralized dictionary. It automatically includes the company’s employees’ names and other sources, providing a centralized and uniform diction across all Zoho applications and users.

Mobile Application Management (MAM): Zoho One now provides enterprise-grade Mobile App Management tools, as remote work has become more common. Administrators can quickly add and manage all of their users’ devices to enhance employee mobility and flexibility for improved insight and control of provisioning, individual app permissions, and rules, locking and wiping devices remotely, and more.

The New Apps Included in Zoho One

Zoho Learn: With Zoho’s course builder, businesses now have a learning management solution to create interactive training programs and exams. Businesses may better nurture employee growth by centralizing company information, training programs, and more online.

Zoho Lens: Zoho Lens delivers remote support and guidance to employees via augmented reality (AR) via real-time AR annotation, VoIP, text chat, and more to improve communication and collaboration in a remote-work environment.

TeamInbox: This shared email inbox allows teams to reduce job duplication and keep all email exchanges in one place.

Zoho DataPrep: This is a data preparation and management tool that you can use on your own. DataPrep, driven by machine learning, can help business users integrate, model, cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog data. It can integrate with Zoho Analytics or a third party for fresh insights, whether they’re preparing data from third-party apps or other sources.

Zoho Commerce: With Zoho Commerce, retailers can quickly create online stores with the tools they need to develop a website, collect orders, handle inventory, process payments, manage to ship, market their brand, and analyze data. Third-party payment gateways are also supported by Zoho Commerce.

Zoho Payroll: Employees can be onboarded quickly, payroll processes can be automated, salaries can be disbursed online through partner banks, taxes can be deducted and businesses can stay in compliance with statutory rules. Employees can access Form 16 and submit investment evidence while tracking their payroll information. Employee data, such as work hours and leaves, can be synced from Zoho People, and journal entries are entered in Zoho Books automatically after each payroll run.

The Platform Enhancements

Embedded and Conversational BI: Embedded and conversational analytics are now available in Zoho One, allowing decision-makers to drill down into their data and gain cross-departmental insights utilizing Zia Insights and natural language commands. Critical business choices can be made with more clarity and speed thanks to the 1,500+ pre-built analytics reports and dashboards.

Enterprise Search: Natural language inquiries may now be understood by Zoho’s actionable, enterprise-wide search, which is powered by Zia. Search enabled by Natural Language Processing will result in more accurate data discovery across teams and departments.

Unified Console, Dashboards, and Smart-Stack UI: Employees can now see all of their apps, services, and dashboards in one place. The centralized calendars, dashboards, navigation, and other features are worth acknowledging.

Customizable Dashboard with pre-built widgets: Widgets containing data from around the company may be combined in a custom dashboard. This gives consumers a single view of the entire organization with the flexibility to dive down with just one click.

Integration with Telephony Providers: Since the businesses prefer flexibility in selecting apps that meet their individual needs, the Zoho One platform currently interfaces with 1,000+ third-party solutions on Zoho Marketplace. It also adds 100+ telephony providers to facilitate smooth conversations between stakeholders.


The new unified Zoho One can empower innovation and sustainable growth by uniting every part of your organization whether you’re a startup business or an established player working towards digital transformation.
The all-new Zoho One can successfully answer all your business needs by providing you and your teams with the proper apps, enhanced services across the apps, and expandable platforms with the right integrations to connect them.

Zoho One improves with each subsequent version. The unified Zoho One experience will continue to improve with the continuous development and improvement in this coherent framework. The recent announcement intends to assist customers in transitioning away from fragmented apps and information. Zoho developers will give you enhanced services on all platforms. 

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