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Zoho Inventory – Is it the best alternative to QuickBooks Commerce?

By September 15, 2021February 29th, 2024No Comments

If you couldn’t find the right solution in QuickBooks commerce then ZOHO Inventory could be the best alternative for you. Zoho QuickBooks integration is the best solution.

Every business wants to manage their sales order from a centralized location, businessmen want to keep a record of all the stocks in their inventory. 

ZOHO Inventory is the one that sets you free from any inventory-related headache as it keeps track of your inventory and integrates with the popular shipping carriers, online sales channels, and marketplaces, etc. Zoho Creator Partner is the prime cloud-based solution for all-around inventory and order management. 

What is ZOHO Inventory?

ZOHO Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software that helps you to manage sales, purchase orders, inventory, customers, and vendors efficiently and automate many of your business processes. 

What is QuickBooks Commerce?

It was formerly popular as TradeGecko, a cloud-based inventory and order management tool for online business. QuickBooks Commerce takes control of your finance, sales, purchase order, etc. But it also has some limitations like it is only for small and mid-size businesses, now in this place, ZOHO Inventory becomes the best alternative. 

Some features of the ZOHO Inventory: 

  • ZOHO Inventory is integrated with several marketplaces and shopping carts like – Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and its own ZOHO Commerce. With ZOHO Inventory, it becomes easy to manage all the apps, you can streamline your order tracking and centralize your inventory management into a single platform.
  • With cloud-based accounting software, ZOHO Books further provides you complete finance and end-to-end accounting support.
  • Manage your vendor and customer payments; it gives you choices of over 10 popular payment gateways to make payments.
  • ZOHO Inventory also helps you partner with the best shipping carriers such as – USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. which will assure your customer of timely delivery of the package. 
  • Analyze your business performance with powerful inventory reports to figure out which area is doing well and where you need to push more. Using these reports, you can even make strong business decisions about future expansion, suspension, purchases, expenses, inventory, sales, and other activities.  
  • You can stay up to date and get real-time order updates from your marketplace and share them with your team using our own application ZOHO Cliq.
  • If you are using ZOHO Inventory, then it also provides you free onboarding assistance throughout the entire process. Zoho QuickBooks integration is the fastest solution.

We have seen the useful features of using ZOHO Inventory for our business, we would like to compare ZOHO Inventory with QuickBooks Commerce for further clarifications: 

QuickBooks Commerce ZOHO Inventory
Alert / notifications Alert / notifications
Forecasting Forecasting
Inventory Optimization Inventory Optimization
Manufacturing Inventory Management       –
Mobile Access Mobile Access
Multi-Channel Management Multi-Channel Management
Product Identification Product Identification
Reorder Management Reorder Management
Reporting Reporting
Retail Inventory Management Retail Inventory Management
Supplier Management Supplier Management
Warehouse Management Warehouse Management
Web-based, i-phone app Web-based, i-phone app, Android app
Small, Mid-size businesses Small, Mid, and Large size businesses
Price starts from $20 /month Price starts from $59/month
Integrations-QuickBooks OnlineShopifyXero Integrations-PayPalQuickBooks OnlineShopifySlackZapier


We have discussed how ZOHO Inventory partners can help in sorting many hassles of business so that a trader can concentrate on his future forecasting. ZOHO consultant has useful apps that help many companies/ businessmen in fulfilling their needs as well as reduce unnecessary tasks while making orders. 

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