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Zoho CRM: Are Users Satisfied?

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Customers are vital to business; no organization wants to lose customers. As a result, organizations of all sizes are spending a lot of time and money to support their expected customers and consider their requirements with the assistance of a viable CRM. One such CRM is driving the universe of business and is prestigiously known as the ZOHO CRM.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a tool to build an online structure for all your business needs quickly and effectively.  It is a system to improve sales, marketing, customer service activities, and sorting processes grouped on a single platform. Several small, mid and large businesses, restaurants, educational institutes, banks, real estate, insurance, hospitals, travel, and others use CRMs like Zoho to handle their transactions and advertising measures.   

Advantages of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has an enormous list of advantages: 

  • End-to-End Customer Engagement 
  • Relevant Communication  
  • Easy Team Management  
  • Managed Database  
  • Task Assignment  
  • Workflow Automation  
  • Time and Cost Saving  
  • Setting functional Strategies  
  • Better Mobility and Functionality

Key Experiences from the Investigations Incorporate the following:

  • Zoho CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Sugar CRM are the most famous with their clients. Software Reviews tracked down that these four CRM frameworks have the most elevated joined Value Index and Net Emotional Footprint scores across all CRM sellers remembered for the investigation. The Value Index metric catches the worth clients acquire from the product, given the costs they are paying. The Net Emotional Footprint estimates significant level client conclusion. 
  • The most-liked CRM vendors excel at combining customer service, providing application adaptability that empowers their customers to continue innovating and are constantly giving item improvements as a component of each new delivery. Software Reviews’ strategy adjusts the positive and negative view of CRM customers in determining their net emotional footprints and CX score. 
  • When inquired as to whether their CRM systems help them save time or not, clients gave the class a total Net Emotional Footprint score of 75%. The best four vendors scored over the total score on the positive emotional footprint scale. Like ERP systems, the higher the disappointment clients have with their CRM systems, the almost certain they are to remark on this part of execution too. The best number of reactions are for those vendors with Net Emotional Footprint scores of 63% or less – well below the total score of 75%.
  • With regards to being a roadblock to innovating versus helping customers innovate, four vendors scored more than 80%. The normal across totally positioned CRM sellers in the innovation classification is 79%. Zoho CRM drives all sellers in the investigation with 90% emotional footprints, 5% in front of its closest competitor. 
Which CRM Systems Are The Most Popular With Their Users?

Pros and Cons of Zoho CRM


  • A long history of value software makes Zoho CRM a dependable platform for storing customer data.
  • Delicate learning curve.
  • Plenty of power and usefulness.  
  • Helpful integrations, particularly with social media software. 


A huge client base typically slows down the system and clients may have to wait a little longer for information.


Zoho CRM is an instinctive and robust CRM platform for organizations of all sizes. It is a credible software brand whose CRM platform offers an extensive element range and choice of price points, making it reasonable for more modest organizations yet in addition ideal for huge corporations. 


  • Zoho CRM is loaded with advanced CRM components and offers plenty of helpful integrations with other software. 
  • Customers refer to their Social Tab as one of the best features, as it permits organizations to immediately get to their social dashboards to deal with their social media accounts. 
  • It connects client information with social media data for a more comprehensive customer profile. 


Having a huge client base can be a double-edged sword, with frequent complaints about significant delays for customer care. Workflow automation is just accessible with the Professional version, yet beyond that, weaknesses are rare. 


Zoho CRM has no accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, yet it receives ideal reviews both by customers and software reviewers. Finances Online give it an item score of 9.4/10 and a customer satisfaction score of 92%, alongside a 5/5-star rating for Value for Money, Ease of Use, and Customer Support. Negative remarks are hard to get a hold of. 

Zoho CRM User Review Scores:

Finances Online User Satisfaction Score 92%
Capterra User Review Score 4.2/5
Trust Radius Product Score 7.7/10


Product integrations with Zoho CRM permit clients to consolidate their number one software for a more extensive CRM experience. Zoho CRM offers a lot of reconciliations with numerous well-known software. Alongside the remainder of the Zoho product suite, here are some of its key integrations:

Sales/Marketing Finance/Accounting Productivity Other
MailChimp Quickbooks Google G Suite Integration WorkApp
Contactology   Microsoft Office 365 Click Desk
Constant Contact   One SaaS Wufoo

Additional Product Info

Zoho offers a whole suite of business tools that, when consolidated, affords the users more power and functionality. 

  • Zoho Meeting  
  • Zoho Desk  
  • Zoho Inventory  
  • Zoho Recruit  
  • Zoho Invoice  
  • Zoho Sites  
  • Zoho Books  
  • Zoho Analytics  
  • Zoho Mail 


Zoho CRM, with a Net Emotional Footprint of +83, dominated in product improvement amongst the renowned CRMs used across all the Trades and Industrial Sectors. Zoho Partner USA targets giving an extraordinary and incredible set-up of software that empowers you to organize your whole business easily and effectively. At last, customers are generally happy with vendors like Zoho CRM.

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