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Zoho Celebrates 10 years of Zoho Campaigns – Let’s See What’s New!

By September 9, 2022No Comments

10 years of zoho campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Their email marketing software has helped countless enterprises over the last decade. They have worked hard to ensure that the Zoho email marketing platform remains on the cutting edge of technology. Zoho automated email marketing software creates lifelong relationships with customers. Over the years, Zoho Campaigns has taken your feedback very seriously. Let’s explore some of our exciting updates for this product!

SMS Gateway for Zoho Campaigns

Zoho CRM Campaigns will soon feature an exclusive SMS gateway. US and Canadian users can effortlessly send SMS campaigns to their audiences. Our new SMS gateway doesn’t just make it easy to create SMS-based campaigns. It also helps users identify duplicated contact phone numbers from within your audience. We’re excited to share that our SMS gateway will help cut down on the time it takes to process data and foster more organized data storage.

Ecommerce AI Optimization

Zoho strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ecommerce technology. Leverage AI with Zoho’s automated product recommendation system. Using data to analyze the purchasing habits of shoppers, Zoho AI helps suggest new products to your customers. Our AI product recommendation system offers both basic and advanced recommendations. Basic recommendations include options to boost your best-selling and recently added products. Advanced recommendations suggest similar products, frequently purchased products, and options for products that people have also bought. Give your customers the opportunity to explore your product line based on intelligent recommendations with Zoho Campaigns.

Custom Return Paths

Did you know that excessive email bounce rates can have a detrimental effect on your domain reputation? Avoid worrying about your bounce rates causing harm with this new Zoho Campaigns feature. Return paths can help your organization identify the reasons why emails bounce. Our email marketing software now allows users to designate a custom return path address for their campaigns. Customize your return paths to reflect your domain names. Ensure that your campaigns pass the SPF alignment in DMARC validation and confirm that your campaigns reach the correct inbox.

RTL Functionality for MEA Region

MEA users who wish to use the right-to-left script option will now have greater functionality inside Zoho Campaigns. Zoho CRM campaigns now support RTL script for MEA users within our email template editor. Users across the world can further leverage automated email marketing software to achieve their goals.

Edit Live Workflows

Enjoy an improved workflow builder with the latest Zoho update. You’ll be able to edit your live workflows without any changes in the flow’s operation. Prior to this update, edits made to active workflows created new versions of the same workflow. Now, live edits made within the workflow builder will be applied to the same workflow.

10 yrs of zoho campaigns

Thank You for Ten Years of Excellence!

In the last ten years, Zoho Campaigns has become an industry trailblazer. Zoho email marketing features continue to develop as the email marketing space evolves. Enable is honored to help companies of all sizes leverage automated email marketing to grow their business. When you’re ready to learn more about what Zoho Campaigns has to offer your organization, reach out to Enable. Our authorized Zoho consultants will be glad to schedule your introductory call today.

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