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Zoho Assist: Why Your Company Should Use Remote Support Software

By July 25, 2022February 28th, 2024One Comment

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Of all the issues your company faces, most problems can be resolved without physical assistance. Effective customer support can be delivered remotely, through the help of Zoho Assist. Remote assistance software allows your customer support team to provide support at any time, from anywhere. From remote support team management to secure remote access software, Zoho Assist offers a myriad of solutions. Let’s explore how remote support software can empower your business to deliver outstanding customer assistance.

What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a remote software support application, designed to enable remote technical support. This screen-sharing application enables your team to remotely access your client’s device. Connect to a client’s device to provide direct solutions to their problems. Initiate remote control of your client’s computer to efficiently troubleshoot. With Zoho Assist, you won’t need to walk clients through complex processes. This remote assistance software allows you to point and click directly from their screen or take control and enter inputs. Zoho Assist connects your computer with a remote desktop through screen-sharing software. Once connected, you can view your client’s screen, and effectively operate their computer from a remote location. Even better, the cloud-based Zoho Assist is comprehensively protected by enterprise-grade security processes.

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How does Zoho Assist work?

Zoho remote Assist has countless practical applications in the day-to-day customer support workflow. We’ll discuss how the many included features offer solutions for every scenario.

Remote Support To-Order – Any support solution without remote access is missing a vital component of modern business tech. Zoho remote access allows your team to troubleshoot a remote device on-demand, with no prior installations. Conduct ad-hoc remote sessions to resolve your client’s problems faster and easier.

Unattended remote access software – Enact unattended remote access for both Windows and Mac computers. Available options for mass deployment can fulfill the needs of any enterprise. Unattended remote access software allows your team to complete their work, even if your client can’t be at their desktop.

Secure file transfer – SSL 256-bit AES encryption keeps data protected during transfer. Send patches, updates, or any type of file to remote devices during live sessions with a simple file upload tool. Once the client accepts the file, it will be saved to their device to be used by the client or your remote support team.

Live support for multiple monitors – Within a remote session, Zoho Assist users can view and access multiple monitors connected to the remote device. Manage your multi-monitor view through pre-set configurations to your preference. Multi-monitor support can streamline all of the monitors on your client’s device into one manageable display.

Reboot remote systems and reconnect to your session – Avoid being kicked off support calls when you need to reboot the remote device. Zoho remote access will automatically reconnect to your session when the client’s device powers on again. Save time and eliminate frustration through reboots with Zoho remote assist.

White-label your remote support software with rebranding options – Ensure that the Zoho Assist portal maintains your brand standards, with white-label customization options. Zoho’s branding can be replaced with your organization’s brand materials. Custom domain mapping even allows for a custom Zoho Assist portal URL.

What is the Zoho Assist pricing structure?

Zoho Assist is offered in several different pricing tiers, to fulfill the needs of both large and small organizations. From the free, basic Zoho Assist plan, to the powerful Enterprise plan, there’s an ideal solution for every company.

Choosing the correct Zoho Assist plan for your business can seem like a daunting task. Why not ask a professional’s advice on the most effective plan and implementation for your unique situation? Call the Enable team to set up a complementary introductory session. Our Zoho consultants have all the answers on how to choose the most beneficial plan for your needs. We can’t wait to show off how the impressive Zoho remote access tools can improve your customer support practices!

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