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What is Zoho Analytics?

By January 31, 20223 Comments
zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and analytics platform that allows you to effortlessly examine your enterprise records and create perceptive evaluations and dashboards for informed selection. It helps you produce results quickly and change effective reviews in minutes without an IT assist. 

Zoho One is an excellent commercial enterprise intelligence tool. It is used for developing dashboards, management reporting, statistic analyzing, and so forth. With the help of Zoho Analytics, users can post reviews directly to the participant or share the records with other users.


What can the integration do for you?

This integration creates your records from Zoho Subscriptions available in Zoho Analytics, with which you can create custom reports or choose from Zoho Analytics 30 subscription-related reviews. You can produce reports and dashboards in Zoho Analytics that you can also embed in your website or software. The integration can be tremendously beneficial if you want to create reports from multiple means, including Zoho Books and Zoho Subscriptions or even more than one company from Zoho Subscriptions itself. 

When you install the combination, Zoho Analytics will offer you a free 15-day trial.  When the trial ends, you will no longer have access to Zoho Analytics and will need to migrate to one of their plans that fits your requirements.


  • Set up the Integration
  • Access the Workspace in Zoho Analytics
  • You can Delete the Integration
  • Configure a schedule to sync data with Zoho Analytics

Once you have copied the Client ID and Client password securely, go to the Advanced Analytics configuration page in ServiceDesk Plus to complete the integration manner as follows:

Select a data center where you created the Client in your Zoho Analytics account from the Choose Data Center drop-down. 

The Analytics Workspace Name is populated.  You can change the name to your workspace created in Zoho Analytics. 

Enter the Zoho Dispatch ID you used to create your Zoho Analytics account. 

Give the Auth. Client ID and client password generated for your Zoho Analytics account when you created your Auth. credentials. 

Click Change Proxy Settings to configure deputy settings and alternate deputy settings, if needed.  

Enter the word together with Host, Port, Username, and Word.  For older records around alternative settings, right-click.

In the Original Data Synchronization component, selecting a prior date should synchronize the reviews.  After the initial Sync, the data may be accompanied periodically based on the language-specific within the Periodic Data Synchronization section. 

Click Save to validate your credentials.  

To keep your data, click Save and Sync.

Configure Fresh Setup

Proceed to the Fresh Setup tab and follow the guidelines underneath 

in Zoho Analytics Info.  You may view the users participating in the configured Database in Zoho Analytics.  The available and unavailable users in ServiceDesk Plus are displayed here. 

The statistics and the Zoho Analytics license expiration date are displayed under Zoho Analytics License Information. 

The security data offers specific records about the statistics transfer and restrictions. 

By default, the set synchronization frequency might be under the Periodic Data Synchronization phase to Repeat every hour.  A failure message and electronic notification might be sent to the director in the event of failure. 

If the integration is released, poor and customized reviews will also be removed.

Manage Engine Analytics Plus for On-Premises

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is an enterprise intelligence and reporting software program from ManageEngine that allows compelling specific reviews about your Help office performance & criteria. Various reporting functionalities enable you to examine your help table and manipulate your means & tickets.

Analytics>> Original Setup.

1. The configuration wizard with ‘Original setup,’ ‘ Fresh setup’ and ‘Remove’ will be displayed.

2. In the Original Setup, Credentials and primary data is synchronized. In the credentials area, input the following word:

Host Name/ IP Address: Enter the name of the employee of ME Analytics Plus or the IP Address.

HTTPS Port Number: Enter the department or domain of the employee in which ME Analytics Plus is set up.

Username: Enter the username of the person’s account in ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

Word: Enter the word of the corresponding consumer account. Click trade deputy settings to configure deputy settings and alternate deputy settings. Enter the information like Host, Port, Username, and Word. 

Periodic Data Synchronization: Choose the day and time for cataloging the periodic data synchronization.

Instant Sync:  Instant Sync permits you to sync the reports immediately with the Database without any needed scheduling. 7 Instant syncs are allowed per day. 

Data Retention Policy:  Select the time to preserve the old records. The term for which you may retain the information in Analytics Plus. ManageEngine Analytics Plus Store Info:  This data will show the guests in the Manage Engine Analytics Plus’s configured database.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus License Information: Displays the available information and license expiry date.

Removing Integration

Click the Remove Button to remove all the configured settings and complete the Database in ManageEngine Analytics Plus. The unreliable reviews and the customized reviews can also be excluded.

How to view Reports after Integration?

Only users having accounts in ManageEngine Analytics Plus or Zoho Reports can view Advanced Analytics Reports. After Integrating ServiceDesk Plus with Zoho Reports/ ME Analytics Plus, you may view the reports from Reports>> Advanced Analytics.

Before integration, the Advanced Analytics Reports can be displayed as follows: 

When Advanced Analytics’ is clicked, a pop-up commanding to the Zoho Reports Database might be displayed in case of a megahit integration with Zoho Reports.

In the case of integration with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, it could display the back pop-up while advanced Analytics is clicked.

The help icon next to Advanced Analytics shows the Last Successful Sync Time, License Expiry date, and the available records.


Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and reporting device that creates embeddable information visualizations and shareable dashboards. You can reach a trusted Zoho partner in the USA to get an in-depth understanding of Zoho Analytics’ which has a user-friendly UI and visualization gear that makes it easy for even non-programmers to get relevant analytics from their business data. It automatically produces reports to answer your questions and warns you of anomalies.

It can also add organization role strength, speed, and security for Zoho Analytics record operations with the integration. A Zoho partner in the USA will help you understand the process 


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