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Why Do I Need a File Management System?

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Why Do I Need a File Management System?

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Today’s businesses need to work with a wide range of different files and documents of all types. From media assets to HR records – there are all kinds of files that are integral to the functioning of your business. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a reliable system in place to store, access, and share files and documents between team members, clients, and other parties. By using well-designed file management system, your business can benefit in the following ways:

  1. Securely Store Important Files in One Centralized Location
  2. Improve Efficiency by Reducing Time Spent Searching for Files
  3. Eliminate Time Waste Recreating Missing Files
  4. Reduce Email Clutter Through Direct File Sharing and Access
  5. Control Access To Sensitive Files and Information
  6. Track Document Versions

How Do I Use Zoho Workdrive?

An effective file management system is all about making sure that the right team members have access to the files they need right when they need them. With Zoho Workdrive, accomplishing this is easy! This intuitive system brings all kinds of powerful file management tools that can improve your team workflow and make sure that your organization’s files, documents, and media resources are easy to store, organize, access, and edit. So how do you use Zoho Workdrive?

  • The first step to successful Zoho Workdrive integration is to create team folders that are custom fit to the daily activities of your team. With Zoho Workdrive, you can create the folders that you need with just a few clicks. From there, you’ll be able to assign roles to each team member that dictate their access level and what they’re able to do with the files stored within each folder. To keep track of who made changes and when, there’s a detailed activity log that helps to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

    It’s important to stay up to date with changes to your files and folders, so Zoho Workdrive allows you to be instantly notified whenever a change is made. Thanks to the available desktop, iOS, and Android apps you can access your documents whether working online or offline – even while you’re away from your desk! All of this combines to make Zoho Workdrive one of the most useful and user-friendly file management system solutions on the market.

Is Zoho Workdrive Secure?

Security is a top priority when it comes to your team’s essential files and folders.

With Zoho Workdrive, you won’t need to worry about your organization’s sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

That’s because this file management system is equipped with a number of sophisticated data security features built right in. These include:

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  1. Data storage in secure and constantly monitored Zoho data centers
  2. Disaster Recovery ensures backups of all your data for access without delay
  3. Intrusion Protection scans data for viruses before uploading to Zoho servers
  4. Two Factor Authentication for maximum data security
  5. Files encrypted with 256-bit Advance Encryption Standard (AES)

Is Zoho Workdrive Free?

Ready to get started and see the difference that Zoho CRM Workdrive integration can make for your business? We have good news! You can give Zoho Workdrive a try with a 15-day free trial. This will give you access to the full range of features to see how they can transform your workflow and make file storage and management effortless and convenient. After your free trial, affordably priced plans are available and priced by the number of users you’ll need. Discover the power of file management system to transform your business or organization with Zoho Workdrive.

Connect with us today to learn more!  Schedule your no-obligation introductory call today!

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