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What Is The Difference Between Zoho and Zoho One?

By July 29, 2023April 10th, 2024One Comment
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Are you confused about the difference between Zoho and Zoho One? Over the last few years, Zoho CRM has become the gold standard for user-friendly, ready-made enterprise tech solutions. Zoho One is a Zoho product suite that includes over 40 unique applications. It is an all-inclusive bundle designed to support every aspect of your business collaboratively. Let’s look at what each plan offers and Zoho subscription pricing.

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Zoho CRM Features

As an application, Zoho CRM helps organize and optimize your business processes. You can choose the right Zoho CRM subscription plan in four editions for your organization’s needs. Some key Zoho CRM features include:

  • Sales force automation tools
  • Lead management
  • Account management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Website integration with form fills
  • Workflow management
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales data archival
  • Sales forecasting technology
  • Email management
  • Document storage
  • Social media CRM
  • Mobile access CRM
  • Google applications CRM

Zoho One Features

The Zoho One ecosystem is designed as a holistic solution, offering more than 40 applications. Zoho One is a collection of business management tools operated under a central administrative panel. You’ll enjoy the support of every Zoho CRM feature listed above, along with:

  • Accounting management tools
  • Agile methodologies
  • Billing and invoicing software
  • SALESIQ chat feature

How much does Zoho cost vs Zoho One pricing?

Zoho CRM is available in four subscription tiers. Each tier offers its own bundle of solutions and Zoho cost. Let’s explore Zoho CRM pricing for each subscription plan.

  • Standard begins at $14 monthly per user.
  • Professional begins at $23 monthly per user.
  • Enterprise begins at $40 monthly per user.
  • Ultimate begins at $52 monthly per user.

Zoho One is available in two plans – Flexible-User and All Employee

  • Flexible-user plans allow you to choose how many licenses to purchase. The Flexible-User plan is $105 per month, per user, billed monthly. Flexible-user plans billed annually cost $90 per month per user.
  • All Employee plans require purchasing licenses for every employee in your organization. The All Employee Zoho price is $45 monthly per user, billed monthly. Annually-billed All Employee plans cost $37 per user per month.

Is Zoho One an ERP?

Yes, it is a complete solution for enterprise resource planning. All the processes for planning and measuring your corporate resources are bundled into one software plan. Powerful automation tools will help to manage and coordinate each department of your business. Zoho One is both an advanced CRM solution and an invaluable ERP.

Is Zoho One Worth It?

Absolutely, it is worth the investment! Zoho One delivers outstanding value for businesses looking for a comprehensive CRM subscription.

  • You’ll have access to every tool necessary to manage productive workflow.
  • Easy software integration will reduce manual data transfer, saving your company time and money.
  • Simple customization options make it easy to tailor applications to your needs.
  • Account-based access ensures data security and allows users to work from anywhere.
  • Mobile application access is included with Zoho One.
  • End-to-end encryption proactively protects your data.
  • Task automation will improve employee efficiency.

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