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What is new in Zoho Creator 6.0?

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Zoho Creator 6.0

is jam-packed with essential tools for your company’s agile solution development. Zoho has released Zoho Creator 6.0 as a unified platform capable of meeting all of the digital needs of creators. It is intended to aid in the discovery of new business opportunities, increase employee efficiency, and the transformation of consumer experiences. Creator 6 further simplifies development by extending low-code capabilities to all stages of program development.

Customization Tools

1. Multi-developer Environment

Zoho Creator includes a multi-developer environment that enables developers to collaborate on projects for development and testing aids in reducing time to market.

2. Serverless Cloud Function

Zoho Creator’s serverless functions enable you to run logical sections of code without the need for complex server infrastructure. It also supports Java and Node.js, broadening the breadth of application creation.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With Zoho Creator, you can use AI to create intelligent business apps. Built-in and ready-to-use tasks include sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, and keyword extraction. Data can be imported, linkages can be determined, and data models may be created on behalf of users.

4. Unified Data Service

The Zoho Creator unified data service aids in the automation of API contract review and authentication. It also allows business users to connect to nearly any service globally while ensuring secure data transfer.

5. APIs

The Zoho Creator API facilitates data access, simplifies complex operations, and expands application capabilities. Using OAuth authentication, connect to other Zoho crm apps and third-party applications using Zoho’s APIs.

6. SDKs

It also provides SDKs for both iOS and Android pre-built and optimized apps, with built-in drag-and-drop support for both platforms.

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Zoho Creator 6 – ADLM

Zoho Creator 6 is an all-in-one application development life cycle management (ADLM) product that helps businesses focus on the entire software life cycle. Developers can communicate in real-time, track code changes, and guarantee that their application is stable before releasing it.

The features of C6 are mentioned below.

1. Multi-Device App Creator

Zoho Creator 6 enables businesses to develop data-rich applications. Easy-to-use visual builders and ready-made code blocks help you create apps quickly. The multi-device app developer allows you to develop applications in only five steps:

  • Quick Start: Zoho enables one-click conversion from Excel, Access, Filemaker, Caspio, and more applications to create bespoke user-friendly online workflows.
  • Data Management: You can store and analyze built-in digital forms by organizing user input and performing advanced data processing. The free app builder supports over 250 API calls and lets you import data from other apps.
  • Intuitive Builder: Zoho Creator 6.0 supports drag-and-drop apps that can model the application’s architecture and the logical structure of the database, design excellent apps, and set up advanced processes.
  • Automation: You can add predefined scenarios, get notified by adding conditional logic, exceptions, and business rule processes, set up real-time alerts based on predetermined criteria, and receive up to 50 email notifications every day with a simple drag-and-drop code block.
  • Analytics: You can manage performance and usage in Zoho Creator 6.0 by using the pre-built dashboarding and reporting feature. It can also generate advanced visualizations. It ensures you won’t need to integrate with a third-party reporting app.

2. Integrations Creator

Zoho C6 provides users access to 600+ applications and services that are ready to connect and bring all of your business apps together. You can automate the movement of emails, reports, records, and other items among your apps by creating contextual workflows. The integrations maker allows you to perform the following:

  • Bridge Applications: You can link all of your company apps with a single click using Zoho Creator 6.0. In Zoho Creator, integrations follow the reusability principle like applications and functions. It will be available to you during your journey once correctly installed.

  • Automation: You can automate the workflow with no information gaps and connect with the integration creator in seconds. It enables you to combine your company with any other app in the gallery.
  • Customization: The use of an integrations creator allows you to customize without restriction. You can efficiently deal with business connectivity challenges from off-the-shelf templates to complex logic with Deluge.
  • Collaboration: You can work with your team to plan, strategize, and even execute business procedures and operations.
  • Insights: With interactive dashboards and a consolidated log, you can gain insights and future-proof your organization from within or outside your organization to improve your company’s bottom line.

3. Business Process Creator

Zoho Creator makes process mapping straightforward for anyone in the organization with the new drag-and-drop blueprint builder. With visual blueprints, users can specify different stages, decide who is in charge of what, set conditions, and automate activities. The blueprints are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Visually Mapping of Processes: The drag and drop blueprint generator lets you generate detailed and robust plans while making the process simple for everyone to follow.
  • Accountability: Zoho Creator 6.0 enables you to carefully define roles to ensure that the appropriate employees are held accountable.
  • Gathering Information: You can direct employees to provide essential details, which you can then access at any time.
  • Accelerate Approvals: You may set up multi-level approvals for almost any procedure, set the requirements, add approvers, and customize approval emails to enable your employees to obtain critical approvals while on the go.
  • Quick Communication: You can configure relevant notifications and send them to keep things moving. Inform all of your employees about what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.
  • Automation: After completing a stage, you can set up actions to be done instantly.

4. BI & Analytics Creator

Zia, Zoho’s conversational AI assistant, can answer all your queries, generate visuals, and speed up decision-making. It also aids in empowering employees to examine and understand data through simple graphics and make informed business decisions. The BI & Analytics creator assists in the following ways: 

  • Data Visualization: In Zoho Creator, integrations, like applications and functions, follow the reusability principle. It will be available to you during your journey once correctly installed. You can link all your company apps with a single click using Zoho Creator 6.0.
  • Integration: With Zoho BI & Analytics, you can connect to any data source. You can upload data from spreadsheets or online storage devices and extract data from databases using  APIs. If you have a lot of disconnected data stranded in many systems, you can bring it together under one roof.
  • Augmentation: Zia, Zoho’s conversational AI assistant, helps get rapid solutions to questions and auto-generating images. The chatbot can also assist you in developing crucial indicators with charts and reports.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative analytics gives you complete control over all your data—fine-grained access restrictions with particular options such as read-only, report authoring, export, and read-write. The commenting tool can start dialogues with colleagues about any report or dashboard.
  • Self-Service Portals: You can embed the reports in your website and provide contextual information to vendors, consultants, and customers with their own built reporting portals and website. The portals can be customized with company logos and other components to complement the brand identity of each customer or seller.
  • Mobile BI: You can allow your staff to access reports, discuss critical information and take action using their mobile phones. They also enjoy reports for convenience and utilize them even when they are not connected to the internet.

5. Robotic Process Automation

Zoho C6’s robotic process automation function enables businesses to automate even the most basic and repetitive processes, such as moving files from one area to another. You have to provide a series of instructions, and the bot will complete the task quickly.

Deployment and Distribution Capabilities

1. Simple Deployment

Zoho Creator 6.0 enables developers to run their applications in the environment of their choice. It includes development, staging (testing), and production with a single-click deployment. Every application you create with Zoho Creator is available as a native Android and iOS app.

2. Self-service Portals

Self-service portals are a great way to help your customers, employees, and partners find the information they need in a single place. You can provide context-specific access to all applications, find support, access resources, raise support requests, and access resources using portals.

3. Easy or Effortless App Distribution

Use Zoho Creator’s built-in mobile distribution management (MDM) to distribute your apps to all your users. This admin-friendly interface simplifies the configuration of corporate-owned devices and apps. The programs can be delivered on devices running a variety of operating systems.

4. MultiDeployment

Zoho Creator 6.0 provides a consistent experience whether you deploy your app on Zoho Cloud or any public cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or on-premise.

5. Centralization Governance

With features like role-based access controls, single sign-on, and password policies, you can give your app users easy access to the information they need while also protecting your data. Custom password policies and single sign-on are among the features (SSO).

6. Security

Zoho Creator 6.0 also incorporates industry-standard security features like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and IP limitation to keep data secure both in the cloud and on-premise.


Zoho Creator 6.0 has an update that allows you to govern the entire application life cycle, from development to production. The developers may communicate in real-time, test features unique to user roles, track appropriate modifications made to the codebase with version history, and ensure that the program is secure before it is released. 

You can track your application’s progress through several stages, such as development, staging, and production, while also ensuring that you offer high-quality software.

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