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Unite HR and Finance Teams with Zoho Finance Plus

By September 2, 2022February 1st, 2024No Comments
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unite hr teams with zoho finance plus

Making sure that your financial teams stay on the same page as HR can be a challenge for many businesses in a variety of industries. Now, accomplishing this is easier than ever before with Zoho Finance Plus! This software suite brings together all of the tools that you’ll need to manage the financial side of your business. From coordinating customer deliveries to generating quotes and receiving payment, it’s all easily done using Zoho’s groundbreaking finance management software. Businesses all across the globe rely on Zoho Finance Plus to make managing their finances easier. With Zoho Payroll now included, you can leverage the power of Zoho software to bridge the gap between finance and HR teams to keep everyone working in harmony.

With carefully designed integrations HRMS and other popular finance applications, Zoho Finance Plus facilitates seamless collaboration between your company’s various back office departments, including finance, HR, and payroll. This makes it simpler for everyone to stay in sync and collaborate with maximum efficiency.

Top Benefits of Using Zoho Payroll

Looking for a way to make managing payroll less time consuming and more precise? That’s exactly what Zoho Payroll USA was built to help you do. This impressive piece of finance management software serves as a bridge between your finance and HR teams, so they can better serve your employees with timely and error-free payroll. Here are a few of the top capabilities that this finance CRM brings to make handling payroll less challenging:

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  • Calculate Payroll Automatically

With Zoho Payroll USA, you can automate one of the most labor-intensive payroll activities – salary calculations. The system will automatically calculate salaries and deductions each time payroll is run. Tax information – such as tax regimes and tax slabs – for each state come built-in, so you can count on Zoho Payroll for accurate automatic calculations every time. 

  • Full Administrative Control

To ensure that the right team members have the right permissions to carry out their tasks, the Zoho finance suite gives you access to powerful administrative controls. You can create and assign user roles with designated permissions that include viewing, editing, and creating new payroll modules. This way, only specifically designated team members will have the ability to take actions like approving pay runs, revising salaries, or viewing employee details. All of this will help to make your HR and finance teams more secure and effective.

  • Integration with Zoho Books for Automated Journal Entries

Your company’s finance and accounting teams need to keep track of payroll expenses the same way they would any other expense – and Zoho finance plus can help them do it more easily. Every time a pay run is approved, the necessary journal entries can be automatically made in the corresponding bank, asset, and payable accounts in Zoho Books.

Are you ready to see how Zoho Finance Plus with Zoho Payroll can transform the way you conduct your business? You can try out this impressive finance and HR suite yourself with a 14-day free trial!

  • Enable Solutions is here to help you seamlessly integrate Zoho Finance Plus into your business operations. We’ll be happy to help get you up and running with a free trial so that you can experience the difference that this Zoho finance CRM can make firsthand. The Enable team can answer all of your questions about what Zoho Finance Plus can do, Zoho bundle prices, and more. Get in touch with us today to schedule your first consultation.

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