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Track Your Social Media Channels with Zoho Social

By July 30, 2022January 31st, 20245 Comments

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The role of social media in reaching and converting your audience cannot be overstated. Social media analytics tools leverage your brand’s presence for optimal success. The value that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc can offer to your company depends on how well you can leverage them. Social media tools aid in the organization and management of your brand’s outreach and engagement. Zoho Social helps your company grow audience engagement across multiple social media platforms. Let’s investigate how Zoho Social offers invaluable support as you track, monitor, and manage a social media presence.

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is an intelligent social media analytics tool for organizations large and small. Social media monitoring equips your company to make informed decisions with contextual data. 

Through Zoho Analytics, you’ll learn more about your audience. This in-depth understanding helps your company to deliver effective messaging. Measure your audience’s location, language, and demographics to reach the right people with the right message.

Identify top-performing content. Discover which posts drove the most engagement, follow conversations around your brand in real-time, and discover the optimal times to reach out to your audience. 

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Social media tracking analyzes your traffic, from source to click distribution across profiles. Monitor and measure both positive and negative customer feedback from your audience over multiple platforms for a seamless brand experience.

Social media reporting software makes it easy to schedule custom reports. The drag-and-drop report dashboard allows your team to create beautiful custom reports in minutes. Select reporting date ranges, automate and schedule reporting, and custom-brand your reports with Zoho Social.

Understand how your brand content affects your social media outreach. Social media analytic tools help your company learn which types of content help you break through to new audiences.

How can my company leverage social media management software?

Apart from being a social media analytics tool, Zoho Social is a comprehensive social media management platform. 

Maintain effective social media campaigns with scheduled posting.

Exploit your content to drive maximum engagement. Use the Zoho Social publishing calendar to control where and when your content will be posted. Schedule content for posting in bulk across multiple platforms, with the click of a button. Leveraging the time and day when your posts go live can increase engagement and help you capture more prospects. 


Foster improved team collaboration with Zoho Social tools.

Improve staff efficiency with social media management software. Your team can collaborate as they create posts and campaigns within the Zoho Social platform. Assign permissions and roles within your team to control which users can access features and platforms. Real-time notifications help your team stay on top of communications – whether they are internal discussions or client requests. 

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Provide prompt customer service responses.

Social media allows customers to interact with brands in an immediate and public-facing manner. The sooner you can identify a customer’s problem, the faster your team can resolve it. Manually checking each of your accounts across many platforms is inefficient at best. With Zoho Social, you’ll see your social media engagement unfold in a real-time livestream. View interactions with your organization as they’re actually happening. Respond to prospects at the height of their interest to convert more leads across all social media channels. 

Leverage integrations to convert your audience through CRM automation software.

Social media monitoring software is even more powerful with Zoho CRM integration. Automatically convert everyone who engages with your social media content into new CRM leads. Expand your marketing reach and monitor your audience with Zoho Social integrations.  

Use social media reporting software to target marketing efforts.

Break down your audience and interactions into relevant demographics for insightful reporting. Advanced reporting features allow you to customize your information to track the metrics you deem valuable. Gather and analyze your data to refine and improve your best marketing practices and deliver successful results.

What are the Zoho Social pricing options?

Zoho Social pricing is available in three business plans, and two agency plans, each offering a unique set of tools and features. Users can switch between plans at any time, and choose between monthly or annual billing. 

The business plans offer Zoho Social pricing starting at $10/month for the Standard plan. Zoho Social’s agency plans begin at $230/ month for the Agency plan. 

For more in-depth information on Zoho Social pricing, plans, and features, reach out to Enable today. Our Zoho consultants can help your organization discover the ideal Zoho Social plan for the size and needs of your company. We look forward to helping you explore the feature-rich plans available for Zoho Social.