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Top customer engagement metrics to track in 2022

By September 13, 2022March 6th, 2024No Comments
top customer engagement

Knowing your Customer Engagement Metrics is essential to the growth of any business. Zoho SalesIQ offers the tools you need to capture your audience’s attention, drive lead conversion, and boost customer retention. Optimizing your customer engagement campaigns is simple with the help of Zoho Analytics. Let’s explore the most important metrics you can use to measure a campaign’s success.

Net Promoter Score

Looking for a way to quantify and measure your relationship with your customers? The Net Promoter Score measures customer engagement metrics and willingness to refer your brand to others.

  • Churn rate

    Zoho SalesIQ uses the churn rate to measure the percentage of customers who stop engaging in business with your company within a specific timeframe.

    Conversion rate

    One of the most significant KPIs, conversion, is the end goal of your campaign. The conversion rate measures how many visitors complete the campaign funnel or a specific action. Zoho Analytics uses the conversion rate to contextualize a campaign’s effectiveness.

customer engagement metrics

  • Social media engagement

    Through social media tracking, your business can identify the conversations surrounding your brand. Zoho measures engagement and impressions. Foster two-way communication with your audience with social media tracking.

    Customer satisfaction score

    This score measures customer satisfaction with their most recent interaction with your brand. Attention to customer feedback is crucial for customer retention. Zoho SalesIQ makes it easy to gauge customer satisfaction.


What are the benefits of measuring customer engagement metrics?

  • Customer lifetime value

    Estimate the future ROI of your marketing campaigns with the customer lifetime value score. This measures the expected revenue that can be generated from a customer in the future. Keep your customers engaged and eager to refer your brand to others with the help of Zoho Analytics.

    Bounce rate

    Track your bounce rate with Zoho SalesIQ to ensure that your website offers a quality user experience. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without taking any additional action. A high bounce rate can indicate that your website needs better content or UX.

Understanding your brand’s image

It’s valuable to know how your audience perceives your business. Track customer engagement metrics like the Customer Satisfaction Score and Net Promoter Score. You’ll see whether customers promote your company and if their promotions result in leads.

Simplify resource allocation

Devote more resources to the campaigns that deliver the strongest results. Tracking metrics takes the guesswork out of campaign spending. With social media analytics software, you’ll know exactly which campaigns are performing well, and which ones to scrap.

Establish benchmarks to set standards for assessment

It’s worthless to measure customer engagement if you don’t implement changes. Establish standards to assess the results of changes made to your campaigns. Benchmarks allow you to monitor improvement to support data-driven decisions.

Improve your customer engagement metrics with Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho SalesIQ offers countless tools to analyze, improve, and measure customer engagement. If you’re ready to optimize your customer engagement strategies, working with a Zoho consulting service is a great way to start. Enable is a Zoho consulting partner with the expertise to transform your customer engagement. Call Enable today to schedule your free Zoho consultation!

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