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Manage Your Business With Striven: An Intensely Competent Management Support Software

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Striven acts as a cloud-based ERP to give you essential tools to run your business. Striven has programs for start-ups looking to build their base, small corporations trying to automate business processes, and large organizations testing general performance. Striven is a complete enterprise management software that offers an end-to-end cloud answer for most professional industries. It provides billing and invoicing tools and answers buyer and agreement charges, ambition, scores, stocks, HR, and more. Zoho One’s operating system for business ensures your business growth and builds trust among clients.


  • Full-stack, scalable, customizable business control suite
  • Integrates the whole machine
  • Generates detailed financial and productivity reviews in seconds
  • Dispatches Portal for Customers, Companies and Subcontractors
  • Customizable dashboard for each worker or employee and a Corporation Newsfeed for remote workers

Accounting Software

Striven is an end-to-end software system built on a large scale. It provides a full suite of commercial enterprise management operations with functionality for accounting, finance, sales and purchases, and inventory management. Unlike the desktop and online accounts of QuickBooks, Striven offers unlimited users and orders. Striven is built and hosted inside the cloud. It validates business data in real-time and calls for additional IT structure.


  • It sums up the economic information of the business enterprise and financial institution.
  • It manages your shopping process with ease.
  • Easily communicate with guests and vendors for convenient, timely and accurate deals.
  • Customers can view and pay invoices online, view credits and a lot more.
  • Allow companies to only accept purchase orders and publish payments electronically.
  • Customers and providers can view billing records and transaction popularity.

Inventory Management Support Software:

Striven ensures that your data can be saved in the proper area and picked up quickly. Case-control capability improves the inventory within the warehouse. Bin management allows merchandise to be entered and placed in containers within the warehouse’s control, then to be entered in the order fulfillment technology.

Inventory Commitment

Striven provides your warehouse team with real-time visibility with the available stock and collects the order with accuracy. You can place sales orders and fulfill backorders automatically with the inventory that is available to you.


Striven has advanced, customizable tools to help you manage every aspect of your stock, no matter how unique or complex your items are. Included multi-sector and multiple ROMs, equipment, monitoring lot, bar coding, sorted stock, etc.

Real-time System

Striven offers real-time access and visibility for any fact set. Run your enterprise and admit reviews directly from the visual dashboard to be suitable to review strategies, remove backups and make fresh practical opinions.

Striven ERP Software

Striven is a business management software providing all-in-one functionality for your CRM, operations management, accounting, and human resource needs.  It helps users achieve total data transparency, unite their divisions and remote teams, develop reports in real-time, predict and analyze, and save money on your subscription. The software is powerful, user-friendly, and customizable to the specific needs of businesses in every industry.

It provides real-time data

Having an analytic tool is essential for any business that needs to keep up with the ever-changing demands of clients. One of the best elements about an ERP is that it tracks data across multiple departments that you presently treat as separate entities, providing you with insightful analytics so that you can exceed your efforts and productivity to get accurate results. It also allows you to see how capacities of one kind affect each other.

It streamlines and simplifies

Offering a real-time view of all your critical processes under one system, an ERP platform streamlines and simplifies a lot of your employer’s tasks. This includes receiving data from multiple systems to a single one that collects all your data in one place for many organizations. In this instance, only one software training is required for all departments.

Sales and Order Management for Striven:

Striven’s comprehensive CRM tools let you manage visitors, prospects, customers, and other types of connections in your enterprise. 

Use campaigns, robust power, and multi-contact strategies to get your employees and other campaign members to target specific companies properly.

One system to manage all requirements

  • Assess buyer’s profitability and explore new-selling possibilities
  • Convert estimates to orders without many clicks or navigation
  • Get updated instantly when orders are placed, dispatched or received

Self-service portal

  • Guests, companies, and contractors have full rights to access their orders, organization data, transaction history and more.
  • With Striven’s vendor portal, you can give your clients access to purchase orders, outstanding records, and other various vital information

Unified Messaging

Striven has an internal messaging and chat system in addition to key integrations with external messaging services.

Opportunity Administration

Manage your entire sales channel from generation of leads to execution of sales. Make smarter decisions with an accurate 360° picture of your business.


Striven Management Support Software is very beneficial for companies’ work where you can easily track hours, salaries, expenses, time off, and much additional. Striven can face all the challenges, ranging from the biggest useful troubles to the smallest details, and designed solutions for speed, performance, and accuracy. It has helped organizations deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars and store them for hundreds of hours productively. Speed, information control, customization, and simplicity of use comprise the four pillars of Striven. Striven ensures your success indeed before deployment. Striven’s group of analysts, industry professionals, and workforce support team provide seamless guidance through acceptance and serve you as your proud generation supporter every step of the way. Manage your business with Zoho Partner USA.

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