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Leveraging Knowledge Base for Customers

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knowledge base

What is a Knowledge Base?

A Knowledge Base is a centralized repository of information. It is created to make it simple for people to find solutions to their problems without seeking assistance.

A knowledge base can include a wide range of information, such as:

  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Step-by-step Procedure Instructions
  • Articles for beginners
  • Video Demonstrations 
  • Glossaries and lists of Definitions

Knowledge bases result from a process known as knowledge management, which involves gathering and organizing all that information into a usable form.

Why is Knowledge Base Important?

Customer service is mainly about simple information transfer. The customer has a knowledge gap that stops them from reaching a goal, and the customer service team fills that gap. 

●     How can I update my password, for instance?

●     What will the cost of using this be?

●     My file isn’t uploading for some reason.

Such questions can be answered in various ways, including improving the design of your product or service, improving labeling, and providing upfront training. There will, however, always be those who require further assistance.

Key Knowledge Base Benefits

A knowledge base is a low-cost solution for minimizing the time and effort required for customers to get an answer and continue with their current activity, resulting in an improved customer experience in a variety of ways:

  1. Many people prefer self-service. According to research, most people prefer to find their own solution before seeking assistance. They’ll look in a knowledge base!
  2. The use of a knowledge base decreases the need for help. When the volume of emails in your inbox is lower, your team can devote more time and effort to higher-impact, more enjoyable activities. A knowledge base also provides additional information for your support team to share with customers.
  3. Knowledge bases cater to a variety of learning approaches. Text, annotated photos, video, audio, and any other media type can all be delivered from a single knowledge base. It can provide customers with the highest possibility of acquiring the information they require in a manner that they can understand.
  4. A knowledge base is available 24/7. Even if your customer service team is on the other side of the world, a knowledge base can be there for them. Furthermore, your knowledge base will never request time off to attend festivals.
  5. Contextual knowledge can be conveyed. Customers do not have to start from the beginning and read through the entire information set. You can give the correct information at the right time with the right knowledge base software.
  6. A knowledge base can provide valuable information. If you choose a knowledge base platform that includes reporting capabilities, the reports will show you what people are looking for and discovering, the terms they use to search, any gaps in your knowledge base, and more. You may utilize that data to improve the content of your knowledge base — as well as your product or service.
  7. A knowledge base can aid in the acquisition of new clients. Knowledge base material also appears in search results, which aids with SEO. So, in addition to assisting existing clients, excellent documentation can assist you in acquiring new ones.

Finally, knowledge base content provides a wealth of information on user behavior and interests.

What is Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge base software allows you to develop, preserve, organize, manage, and share self-service knowledge with a group of people. 

Internal (e.g., corporate people) or external (e.g., customers) audiences, or both, can use Knowledge Base software. Most internal knowledge base software requires login credentials to access information as the content is confidential. 

You can create a publicly available knowledge base using External Knowledge Base Software. Knowledge base software can either be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of a comprehensive customer service platform.

  • Knowledge Base to the Rescue 

The knowledge base can be viewed as a sort of proactive customer care.  As a result, instead of the customer service crew answering the same questions for different customers, the company’s knowledge base can be stocked with relevant information to assist customers in resolving their queries/issues on their own. It will save both the customer care team and the customers’ time and effort.

  • Structure of Knowledge Base

The knowledge base articles must be neatly organized with categories and tags. The content in the knowledge base must be categorized in appropriate classes to ensure that your customers don’t find browsing through the company’s knowledge base complex and confusing; furthermore, using relevant tags with knowledge base articles will improve the articles’ searchability.

  • Mobile-Friendly Strategy

As a majority of the customers will be reading the knowledge base on mobile phones, it is critical to optimize the knowledge base for mobile phones to ensure a continuous flow of content.

  • Internal Information Flow Add-On

An efficient knowledge base will provide customer support and serve as a conduit for the constant flow of information for internal use. An up-to-date knowledge base will keep your staff informed of all product and service information and updates.

Many businesses use Zoho One knowledge base to boost customer service and internal communication.


Zoho Partner USA helps in Building a knowledge base that can help you expand your customer support and customer success activities without hiring more customer service executives. As a result, it can assist you in lowering expenses, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing the return on investment of your customer success organization.

It can also let you focus on proactive measures like customer education and empowerment rather than merely responding to support tickets. This adjustment has the potential to be a significant win for the company.

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