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Is Zoho Bookings And Zoho Meetings Integration-Free?

By September 25, 2021January 24th, 2024One Comment
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Have you ever felt that there needs to be one platform that contains all of your client’s transactions? Each business needs to own a smooth and economical method associated with client questions, bookings, meetings, etc.

To become more productive, several business owners establish measures turning to reliable and intuitive appointment programming software packages to support and organize their processes. 

Once you become a master in delivering the highest quality service by using the proper tools of ZOHO, you run into fewer bothersome business processes because it runs smoothly, straightforward, and in less time.

What’s ZOHO Bookings?

ZOHO Bookings is an appointment computer hardware for service-based for small businesses that enables you to realize the right time together with your customers. It offers a booking system for one-on-one meetings, categories, and rental of quality. This tool allows businesses to publish their service online. It will enable customers to choose a service, and take their time and book the re-appointment from the comfort of their own space.
Once you fill in your operational details, you get a custom-made booking page for each service, quality, and employee. Customers will select the most suitable meeting time from their available slots.

ZOHO bookings conjointly permit customers to conduct ZOHO meetings and permits workers or members to conduct video discussions and categories.

Features of ZOHO Bookings

This feature of ZOHO Bookings helps each client and businesses to attain a hassle-free appointment programming expertise.

1. Calendar Synchronization

2. Custom Booking Page

3. Team Schedule Management

4. Personalized Appointment Reminders

5. Reports

1. Calendar Synchronization-

As business professionals, work-life gets hectic. They need to remember a lot of tasks, conferences, and many more things. However, ZOHO One helps the employees and the business maintain structure through the synchronization of a skilled calendar. ZOHO Bookings synchronizes the calendar with ZOHO Calendar, Google, workplace 365, and other calendar applications to ensure all appointments are created around a specific schedule.

2. Custom Booking Page-

The manager can produce three forms from the booking pages: service, department, or team member. The business can extend the brand’s name reach by incorporating company brand, colour, font, and other factors into the corporate page. The client can experience a complete automatic message with each click. The customizable feature provides a chance to extend SEO as the business will map its booking page.

3. Team Schedule Management-

Managing everyone’s schedule is quite tricky, like any business with multiple departments, employees, and services. This software package helps organize employee’s jobs by synchronizing their schedule and managing their accessibility to one area. The manager is also ready to assign every department their own space in bookings, showcase every individual’s specialty, and highlight their skill set, making it easier for patrons to book a service supplier that matches their requirements.

4. Personalized Appointment Reminders-
It’s all right if an employee doesn’t receive a notification regarding their booking. ZOHO Bookings can send an appointment confirmation via email or text. It also sends automatic messages to team members and customers via email or texts.

5. Reports

ZOHO Bookings can generate comprehensive reports by utilizing the information collected in the software package that provides accurate reports to verify their processes. These reports provide detailed information to confirm appointments, services, employees, and overall business revenue.

With ZOHO Authorized Partner businesses can have detailed information about the unique needs of the business that allows them to resolve issues in the future.

As businesses look for ways to continue providing services during this period of social distancing, ZOHO Bookings is creating ZOHO Meeting integration available without any charge.

This integration enables you to connect Bookings with ZOHO Meeting so that once any consumer schedules an appointment, a web meeting gets automatically created.
You can still connect with every consumer while not obtaining close contact, you’re connecting to each consumer closely.

For example, you’re a legal advisor, and your clients need to conduct a meeting to debate personally; Meetings can help him represent his case.

Steps to creating an Online Conference:

Step –1 – Integration

Click the setting icon > Integration > Select change ZOHO Meeting

Notification, accept it.

Step- 2- Change online Meeting for your Services

Click setting > Service> to choose the service

On the correct feature of the panel, create an online meeting

As we begin to understand how to create meetings and discover the options that ZOHO Bookings have, we see the unification of the 2 apps.

The two most significant features of ZOHO Booking and ZOHO CRM is to update existing consumer data and add new ones for email contacts and lead generation.

Meetings and Bookings are available to provide live sessions to help customers schedule a booking through the meeting link.

Cost and Pricing-

ZOHO Booking offers three different subscription plans for any service supplier company.

Free Plan-

It is suitable for a sole proprietor with no staff. It contains all the essential options such as a custom-made booking page, automatic reminder emails, and one-on-one service bookings.

Basic setup

This plan comes with many options. It includes four licenses and provides opportunities to add licenses for an additional $5/month. This total set up values $20/month.

Premium Plan

This plan is designed for larger companies with several divisions managing employees, appointments and, business processes. The premium setup suggests that businesses and purchasers get full advantages of ZOHO Bookings offerings. This plan includes ten workers, three departments with the feature of adding another for $6/staff/month and $10/month.


ZOHO Bookings is a great tool that you can provide your customers to book appointments with you. No high-end IT data needs to be set up as it is already formatted and ready to use. 

Advantages of ZOHO Bookings, if you would like to book conferences with customers, there are several advanced integrations. You’ll be able to build your business method more straightforward and quicker with Zoho Partner.

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