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Inventory Management Solutions for Manufacturers

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With so many options for inventory management solutions, finding the right inventory management software for your business can be daunting!

Inventory management software is a critical investment for manufacturing companies of any size.  Zoho Inventory offers tools to control and manage your inventory, orders, and warehouses from one platform. Zoho Inventory helps streamline operations across multiple channels for your manufacturing company. With endless options for customization, automation, and integration, it’s a singular solution for inventory management. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful features of Zoho Inventory for the manufacturing industry!

Zoho Inventory Features for Manufacturers

Product bundling – Create Zoho Inventory bundles to offer new product combinations. Choose a primary item to combine with an ancillary item from your inventory. Zoho Inventory bundles can be tracked and customized to improve customer satisfaction.

Manage multiple warehouses – Tracking inventory between multiple warehouses has never been easier. Manage inter-warehouse transfers through every manufacturing stage with Zoho’s inventory management software. Batch-tracking features help you monitor expiration dates, while serial number tracking supports monitor individual items.

inventory management solutions

Merge orders – Improve your fulfillment process by merging orders from the same customers. With Zoho Invoice automation, you can combine multiple orders into one invoice per customer.

Barcode and RFID tag scanning – Reduce the manual labor required for your day-to-day tasks. Simply scan an item’s RFID tag or barcode as you add stock, update inventory, or enter products into an invoice. With integration software, this data can automatically transfer to your other business applications.

Multiple images per item – Provide a holistic view of your product with multi-image upload. Showcase every dimension of your manufactured product to give customers the full picture.

How can inventory management software improve my manufacturing business?

A robust inventory management software system will help you run your business more efficiently. Learn how Zoho Inventory can empower your manufacturing company as it grows and evolves.

Boost sales – With a multichannel inventory management system, it’s easy to expand your reach online. Through Zoho’s integration software, connect your Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or Etsy accounts to sell to a broader audience.

Order management – Manage online and offline orders from one application. Dropship and create purchase orders or backorders with Zoho’s order management system.

End-to-end tracking – Monitor your inventory through serial numbers and batch tracking. Track single items and stay ahead of expiration dates.

Shipping solution integrations – Provides current shipping rates and tracking information for leading shipping carriers. Price shipping costs from competing carriers to choose the right solution for your business.

Accounting integrations – Ensure all financial data is transferred in real-time. Manage bookkeeping for orders and vendors in one easy-to-use interface.

.Warehouse management – Monitor inventory levels, transfer products between warehouses, and generate warehouse-specific reporting.

Price lists – Avoid manually uploading individual pricing details for each item in your inventory. Price lists allow you to control promotional pricing and product discounts without extra labor.

Global currency compliance – Take advantage of global opportunities with Zoho Inventory. Place orders, sell products, and value stock in multiple currencies with real-time exchange rate updates with the best inventory management software.

Streamline your inventory management today with Zoho Inventory and Enable!

Ready to learn how Zoho’s inventory management software can improve operations at your manufacturing firm? The best way to fully leverage Zoho Inventory is by working with a Zoho consultant through implementation. Enable is eager to show you how Zoho Inventory can support your manufacturing operation. Call today to schedule a free introductory call with our licensed Zoho consultants!

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