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Improve Business Processes with Visual Workflow Builder

By August 14, 2022January 31st, 20244 Comments

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Implementing business process automation software doesn’t need to be daunting. Zoho Creator is a visual workflow builder that can be used effectively with no coding knowledge required. With Zoho’s easy-to-use workflow automation tools, users can establish and automate workflows for time-consuming tasks. We’ll review the advantages of automating your CRM workflow and explore the basics of workflow mapping. Let’s discover how Zoho Creator can promote efficiency within your organization!


What is a Visual Workflow Builder?

Visual workflow builders use a drag-and-drop interface to help you easily automate tasks. The simplicity of a visual development environment allows anyone to use Zoho Creator. Even users without any technological expertise can create using Zoho’s workflow builder. Choosing a visual application development platform empowers your entire team to automate tasks with a few simple clicks.


How Can I Build Visual Workflows with Zoho Creator?

Zoho’s business process automation software is simple to understand. There are three components to each workflow – actions, events, and triggers. Mapping your workflows thoughtfully makes building automated workflows simple.

Actions are the tasks that you wish to automate in your workflow builder. Multiple actions can be added and configured within a workflow. Examples of actions include sending email notifications, updating records from a Zoho integration, or redirecting to a URL after a form submission.

Events determine the instances when a task needs to be executed. One example of a workflow builder event is specifying a text notification to be sent upon creating a new record.

Triggers are the responses to events that initiate the workflow. Creating, deleting, and updating tasks are all examples of workflow triggers, along with running, stopping, enabling, or disabling extensions.

What are the Benefits of using Zoho’s Visual Workflow Builder?

connect to 600 tools with zoho creator

Faster and easier automation

Zoho’s business process automation software empowers accelerated automation. The visual development model makes it up to 10x faster to turn your requirements into solutions. 

Simple maintenance

No coding knowledge is required to modify records and values with Zoho Creator. The drag-and-drop interface is simple enough for anyone to maintain applications in the future.

Centralized platform

Manage workflows, create databases, automate tasks, and produce reports from one unified interface. 

Inclusive business process automation

The Creator app offers features for every technological skill level. With pro-code, low-code, and no-code features available, process automation becomes accessible to anyone. 

Manage more than workflows

Unlike many other workflow automation tools, Zoho Creator isn’t limited to building workflows. The tools in the Creator app can be used to manage and automate any part of your business processes.

What else can you do with Zoho Creator?


Business process automation software can be used for much more than workflows. With Zoho Creator, users can also:

  1. Build and manage online databases
  2. Develop and deploy custom applications
  3. Integrate with CRM workflows, external applications, and APIs
  4. Migrate from or modernize your existing legacy systems
  5. Explore a library of 60+ pre-built applications to hit the ground running
  6. Enjoy enterprise-grade security, with built-in end-to-end encryption supported by cloud-based backup

How Can I learn to Use Zoho Creator?

The best way to learn how to leverage the power of your Creator app is through a Zoho Consultant. While Zoho Creator is an intuitive, user-friendly platform, it offers many different features and tools. Without guidance, the abundance of options can make implementation difficult.

Reach out to Enable today to schedule an introductory call with a certified Zoho consultant to enjoy a speedy implementation process with focused goals and results.