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Reliable Insight with Zoho One CRM and Advanced Analytics

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The constructive collaboration between data analytics and strategic decision-making has never been more critical. But first, you must adopt a CRM system within your business, such as Zoho One. This will streamline processes and help foster practical data stewardship practices. These activities can significantly increase your efficiency. Here we lay out ways where advanced analytics can create business value. 

What is the role of dashboards in data analytics?

A dashboard provides a way to display data points and metrics visually. Dashboards are good for conveying complex information quickly. This is because as humans, we understand trends and patterns much easier when perceived visually. Through visualization, data can be interpreted and used in the decision-making process.

    • Benefits of Visualization: Data visualization helps one to comprehend it more quickly and effectively, therefore facilitating faster and better decision-making. In visual forms, humans are naturally attracted to grasp and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies more than in raw data.
    • Best Practices for Dashboard Design: Stressing the most important facts and eliminating clutter can help you to prioritize simplicity. Use consistent colors, labels, and layouts to simplify dashboard navigation. Including interactive components like filters and drill-down features may also improve user experience and provide a more thorough understanding.
    • Zoho One Dashboards: Start by logging in to your Zoho One account and going to the Analytics section to build a dashboard there. Click “Create Dashboard” then choose the data sources you want to include. Drag and drag the desired widgets— charts, graphs, tables—onto the dashboard canvas. Set the settings to show the pertinent measurements thus customizing every widget. Once happy with the design, save the dashboard and distribute it across your staff for group decisions.

Dashboards leverage structured and well-stewarded data. This is why it is imperative to incorporate these activities within your CRM. You can get started with creating dashboards within Zoho One. The system allows you to analyze and react to your evolving business landscape. Yet, success in this analytical venture hinges on two critical aspects. Data literacy within your business and clear and defined KPIs.

What role do partnerships play in enhancing business expertise? 

Consider a retailer that provides products to consumers. As the retailer’s customers make purchases through different channels, this data must be captured. Through Zoho One’s software, the company can track its customer’s entire lifecycle. Providing a full depth of their customer’s journey from lead to invoice. 

This source data can then be stitched together to perform analysis. The insight gleaned from the analysis can then lead to visualizations that provide further context. Zoho One provides many applications that help streamline these activities. Helping to democratize problem-solving through technology applications.

Yet not every business owner is tech-savvy. Or even has the bandwidth to develop business-critical dashboards. This is where partnerships are crucial in adding another layer of business expertise. But keep in mind that as a data partner, you must first practice data stewardship internally.

Finding the right partners: Expertise in CRM solutions and analytics 


Your first task is to adopt a CRM solution that helps you leverage your data for insights. Zoho One’s customizable platform enables you to do so within your business.  

Next, look for partners with experience and competencies in data analytics. First, it’s important to search for a partner who has expertise and skills in data analytics. The ideal partner will have experience working in multiple industries and with a diverse business stakeholders. Ensure the partner has a framework to optimize globally to meet the growth in demand of your customers and internally. And don’t neglect to ensure your feedback is incorporated within the solution.

In summary, these relationships allow you to focus on managing your business and customer engagements. While also streamlining your analytical needs. Overall, this leads to a better and more informed decision-making process.

Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level? Embrace the power of data analytics with Zoho One. Integrating a CRM system allows you to streamline processes and foster robust data stewardship practices, paving the way for more strategic decision-making. 

Take the first step towards transforming your business. Read our blog to explore the essential role of dashboards in data analytics and discover best practices for designing impactful visualizations. Empower your team with the insights to make informed decisions and drive growth. Don’t wait—start your journey with Zoho One today and unlock the full potential of your data!

This blog was written by Joshua Marsh, Finance Professional, Self-Taught Analytics Practitioner, Tableau & Alteryx Enthusiast, and a champion of driving tech innovation in finance.


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