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How Zoho BI Delivers AI-Driven Business Analytics

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How Zoho BI Delivers AI-Driven Business Analytics

How Zoho BI delivers

Empower your organization with the competitive edge of business intelligence. Zoho’s business intelligence software system uses augmented analytics and self-service data preparation to identify actionable insights. This end-to-end self-service BI platform gathers data from countless integrations to provide a holistic perspective of your company and foster precision-targeted strategy development. Let’s learn how Zoho BI can enable your organization with valuable, real-time insights.

Augmented data management and preparation

Zoho’s business intelligence platform includes machine learning, self-service data preparation. Zoho DataPrep unifies cross-departmental data to allow users to create business intelligence reports. Establish and control data pipelines to integrate, model, and catalog your data prior to analysis. Using cloud data integration, users can pull data from countless disparate sources to glean new insights. Save time culling data manually and focus on the analytics of business intelligence.

Data Stories present your analysis contextually

Create richly contextual data presentations with Zoho’s business intelligence software. Zoho BI includes an integrated portal builder and data presentation software. Administrators can embed dashboards and live reports into presentations or websites. Providing in-depth business intelligence reports allows users to weave critical context around data. Cultivate more immersive business discussions by offering additional context to support your findings. Best of all, your company can reap data-driven rewards without training on any new software.    

Augmented intelligence analytics

Zoho’s business intelligence software includes a conversational AI called Zia. Through Zia, users can surface the data they need without any technical prowess required. Zia uses natural language querying to find data from within the business intelligence platform. Zia Insights can even offer textual narration of important data insights. Zoho Analytics augmented intelligence reduces the manpower required to turn raw data into actionable insights, including scenario analysis to support data-driven decision making.

Apps Marketplace

Zoho Marketplace is an apps marketplace which publishes analytic business intelligence apps and integrations. Zoho partners develop new, complementary analytical applications to bolster Zoho BI. Keep your organization on the cutting edge by exploring new integrations available in Zoho Marketplace.

Built to scale

Zoho’s business intelligence software is ready to grow along with your company. Offering options for on-premises and cloud data integration, this enterprise-grade platform is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Zoho DataPrep is also available as a standalone solution. Contact Enable today to learn more about Zoho BI pricing tiers, or to schedule a complimentary introduction call

What features does Zoho BI include?

Zoho BI equips your company with tools to effectively leverage machine learning for data collection, preparation, and analysis. You’ll enjoy features including:

  1. Data integration
  2. Data preparation and management
  3. Visual analysis
  4. Augmented analytics
  5. Mobility
  6. Data storytelling
  7. Unified business insights
  8. Collaborative analytics
  9. Embedded BI
  10. Extensibility and elasticity
  11. Deployments
  12. Enterprise-grade security and governance

Learn more about Zoho BI today with Enable!

Are you ready to bring analytic business intelligence to your organization? Allow Enable to demonstrate how effectively Zoho BI can serve your business. Contact the Enable team to schedule your obligation-free introductory call. We’ll show you exactly what your company can gain from investing in business intelligence software.

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