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How Zoho Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow

By July 19, 2022January 31st, 20247 Comments

zoho analytics help biz grow

Zoho Analytics can facilitate outstanding growth for your business. This advanced analytics and self-service business intelligence software is a valuable part of Zoho CRM. Our subscription analytics software is an affordable tool to attain data-driven growth. Let’s explore the invaluable resources offered by Zoho Analytics.

What is Zoho Analytics Used For?

Zoho CRM provides countless ways to analyze and engage with your data. Zoho Analytics enables users to discover actionable insights as well as measure efficacy. No matter the size of your organization, data analysis is the key to manageable growth. Our Analytics software features include the following:

  1. Data integration, preparation, and management
  2. Data visualization and storytelling tools
  3. Augmented analytics, including AI, ML, and NLP/G
  4. Unified business analytics
  5. Collaborative analytics
  6. Embedded business intelligence analytics
  7. Data security and governance
  8. Customizable deployments
  9. Extensive system integrations
  10. Mobile analytics access

How Zoho Analytics can help grow an existing business

Data is valuable for companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Businesses use their data to optimize their marketing, adjust their content, and increase revenue. There are many priceless insights to be gained from data. But you can’t leverage these insights without the correct tools and processes.

It equips your business with the tools to make informed choices to produce optimal results. Let’s explore a few profitable methods for leveraging your subscription analytics software.

1. Reduce risk and minimize fraud

Mitigate the unavoidable risks of conducting business with the help of Zoho Analytics. Data analysis helps companies avoid losing revenue to theft, customer churn, operational risks, and more.

The Zoho Analytics API allows organizations to identify and address any weaknesses in their assets. Through data analysis, companies can more effectively leverage their assets, improving risk management.

2. Strengthen current security and fraud processes

Why leave your assets vulnerable to misuse by internal or external threats? Zoho Analytics reduces the risk through advanced security and fraud analytics. All Zoho CRM products are designed to follow OWASP standards. The security framework for Analytics is incorporated throughout every Zoho software development process.

3. Unify operations

Avoid losing profit to inadequate operations management. Without streamlined operations, a business can expect to encounter many expensive obstacles. These catastrophic challenges can result in a poor customer experience and eventual loss of brand loyalty.

It equips companies to create and regulate effective company operations. Whether your business produces products or provides services, analytics plays an important role. You’ll have the tools you need to implement operations to meet the expectations of your client base.

4. Improve customer service using advanced analytics

Today’s digitally-engaged customers are demanding and expecting immediate and personalized responses to engagement. Zoho Analytics API uses predictive data to customize interactions to the customer’s personality. Real-time responses driven by quantitative data delivers a personalized experience, increasing brand loyalty.

Zoho Analytics FAQ

  1. Who should use Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics can be used across various functional areas and by a wide range of users and industries for their reporting and analytical needs. 

  1. How much does Zoho Analytics cost?

Zoho Analytics pricing starts at $30/month. Zoho Analytics also offers a Free Plan ($0) targeted at small-end reporting requirements. It supports 2 users, 5 Workspaces, and 10,000 rows in your account.

  1. Does Zoho Analytics integrate with Zoho CRM?

Yes, Zoho Analytics is integrated with Zoho CRM. The Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM enables you to analyze your Zoho CRM data and create insightful reports & dashboards easily. It brings all the powerful analytical and reporting capabilities of Zoho Analytics into Zoho CRM. 

  1. Does Zoho Analytics integrate with Zoho Projects?

Yes, Zoho Analytics is integrated with Zoho Projects. With the advanced analytics add-on for Zoho Projects, you can easily analyze your Zoho Projects data and create insightful reports and dashboards. This enables you to proactively monitor and manage your projects by tracking the Key Projects Metrics.

Ready to optimize your business for peak growth? We’d love to demonstrate how Zoho CRM can benefit your specific organization. To learn more about Zoho Analytics, including pricing, schedule an introductory call with Enable today!