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Eliminate Junk Leads with Zoho SalesIQ

By July 16, 20223 Comments

Eliminate Junk Leads with Zoho SalesIQ

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How do you use SalesIQ to qualify leads?

Zoho SalesIQ uses precision targeting to ensure you’re connecting with your most valuable leads. But what is precision targeting? Precision targeting emailing marketing software filters visitors by levels, each with specific criteria. There are four stages of precision targeting with Zoho SalesIQ.

Stage 1: Admin-level visitor routing

Visitor routing shows operators only the relevant visitors, with criteria chosen by the admin. Website lead tracking is only as relevant as your visitor routing. If your company doesn’t qualify leads, you’ll waste money and manpower chasing customers you can’t convert. Zoho SalesIQ allows you to route visitors based on their location. Routing your audience by locality boosts engagement and eliminates the need to ask visitors about their location. Admins can designate rules in the Audience Criteria section of Visitor Routing.

Stage 2: Operator-level custom views

National companies need to qualify leads based on more specific data than country or location. If an operator wishes to only view leads from their city, they can enable a custom view. Custom views take lead qualification even further. Operators can prioritize visitors based on additional criteria in Zoho SalesIQ, like their Lead Score.

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Stage 3: Lead scoring nurtures prospects through to conversion

Using a CRM with marketing automation makes it efficient to find the needles in the haystack. Lead scoring measures your visitor’s engagement, assigning scores on the likelihood of conversion. The higher the lead score, the more likely the lead will convert. Operators can set, edit, and disable custom rules for lead scoring inside of Zoho SalesIQ.  

Stage 4: Chat routing directs visitors to the correct operators

When a visitor initiates a conversation, it’s paramount to connect them to the proper operator. Through the Zoho lead API, chat routing offers the same utility as visitor routing, only for your incoming chat requests. Selectively routing leads to the right operators allows for faster support and conversion. Admins can set rules for chat routing for prospects at any stage of the sales pipeline.

Never Miss a Chat

The Zoho SalesIQ mobile app includes the option to make noise, vibrate, and flash the screen when someone responds to one of your website triggers.  That way you never miss your visitors’ requests when you’re away from your desk.  To make the best use of this, set up automated SalesIQ triggers for website visitors so your system pushes notifications to visitors automatically and you can worry about people contacting you instead of fumbling with your mobile keyboard to type personalized messages to everyone you see.

How much does Zoho SalesIQ cost? 

Zoho SalesIQ pricing varies depending on your company’s plan. Pricing can range from the free plan (with limited functionality) to $25 per month, per user for the Enterprise plan. Contact Enable today to get a Zoho SalesIQ pricing quote for your organization!

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            FAQ | Zoho SalesIQ

  1. How do I nurture leads and contacts in the SalesIQ visitor module?

To nurture the leads and contacts in the SalesIQ visitor module and identify the valuable prospects among the junk, we need to score them based on their activities. For example, every time a visitor visits a property’s page and spends more than 10 mins, then the Lead score of the visitor will increase by 100.

  1. Are you hitting too many dead ends with your sales leads?

Businesses often have the issue of hitting too many dead ends or dealing with too many junk leads, which consume large amounts of resources and time. Having an effective sales strategy alone won’t increase the customer conversion success rate.

  1. What can I do with Zoho SalesIQ?

If you have a website or a web-based product, on a desktop/mobile you can use SalesIQ to:

  1. View who your visitors are and what they do on your site/app: you can track, filter, engage, and segment every visitor on your website/application.
  2. Capture and convert leads: Automatically get more leads from your website. Use bots to qualify, route and schedule meetings, and chat with your best leads in real time.
  3. Onboard and engage visitors: Turn more signups into active, valuable customers with intelligent triggers.
  4. Turn your chat window into self-servicing support: Create and share content to help people better understand your product with our articles feature and start engaging with them right from the answer window.
  5. Support and retain customers: Use bots and live chatting to assist the visitors and get quicker responses, faster resolutions and more satisfied customers.


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