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Drive More Leads With Zoho Marketing Automation

By August 8, 2022January 31st, 20242 Comments

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Choosing a CRM with marketing automation offers countless benefits. Zoho CRM focuses on improving sales, while marketing automation works to generate and qualify leads. Marketing automation software can organize and automate tasks and workflows at every stage of the journey. Let’s learn how to leverage Zoho marketing automation for lead generation and lead scoring.

How do you generate leads in Zoho CRM?

The prosperity of every business revolves around lead generation and conversion. CRM marketing automation helps your company build positive relationships from the first interaction. Marketing automation for lead generation is a cost-effective method of producing new leads. Here are a few examples.

Signup Forms – Boost your organization’s site, blog, or social media presence with a custom signup form. Your CRM with marketing automation will collect the information you want from people interested in your brand. 

OnSpot Forms – Use live forms to connect with participants during webinars and presentations. OnSpot forms allow interested parties to sign up immediately, turning your audience into fresh leads. 

Intelligent Popups – Capture leads at the right moment with smart popups. Establish rules for when your message should appear to hook your readers at the peak of their interest.

Webinar Audience – Reach your entire audience with one click to follow up on your presentations. Send session reviews, extra tips, or helpful webinar invitations. With Zoho marketing automation, it’s simple to add your audience to a target list for future engagement.

E-Commerce Platforms – Leverage your marketing automation plan to convert visitors into leads. Promote special offers to new visitors to encourage sharing relevant information. 

Event Attendees – Reach the audience of your training event, product demonstration, or webinar. Your audience has already expressed interest in your organization, after all. Marketing automation plans help your company consistently nurture these valuable leads through conversion.

CRM Integration – Does your business already use CRM? If so, marketing automation integration supports lead engagement at each stage of their journey.

Zoho Lead API – Collect lead data from your various business applications into one platform. Use marketing automation to plan and execute engagement.

How do you score leads in Zoho with marketing automation?

Qualifying leads is a crucial part of successful conversion. Lead scoring with marketing automation allows your business to identify the most promising leads. Nurture your most valuable leads through conversion using CRM marketing automation. Let’s review how marketing automation can optimize your lead scoring process.

Use existing lead information – If you have lead data stored in your CRM, marketing automation can assign scores based on this information. Qualifying leads based around specific information helps users filter target groups for campaigns.

Score leads by interaction – Marketing automation software can collect data on how leads respond to marketing efforts. Capture interaction data, and assign scores depending on opens, clicks, and forwards. 

Explore lead interaction in-depth – Enhance your lead scoring with marketing automation to gain deeper understanding. Add and edit scoring metrics according to the way your leads interact with your campaign. Track engagement, analyze trends, and assign appropriate scores to your leads.

Nurture leads based on score – Plan lead-nurturing campaigns based on the assigned scores. CRM marketing automation helps you present the right product to the right lead, at the right time.


How do I identify early-stage buying signals from leads?

Single out early-stage buying signals from your leads by tracking their interactions with your company. Assign a higher lead score for positive behaviors, and ensure your sales team nurtures the right leads. With Zoho CRM, you can track lead behavior across multiple channels.

What is marketing automation in Zoho?

Marketing automation in CRM helps manage lead generation and scoring. Connecting with the right person at the proper moment in the lead cycle helps drive conversion to sales.

Why is Zoho CRM the best choice for event marketing?

Don’t let valuable leads slip through your fingers! Leverage your event attendee list and capture leads from various platforms with Zoho CRM.

How are leads generated using marketing automation?

You need to put work into attracting potential buyers and capture the information of everyone interested in your business to convert them into sales opportunities. The method of attracting and capturing contact information is known as lead generation, which can be classified into two methods:


Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

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