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Create Websites with Zoho Sites

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Whatever the industry, it’s crucial to maintain a brand-aligned web presence. Zoho Sites enables any user to create dazzling custom websites with only a few clicks. This easy website builder offers a library of pre-built elements to design a sophisticated website in minutes. Let’s review the advantages of using Zoho’s drag and drop website builder to customize your website.

What is Zoho Sites?

Sites is the Zoho website builder application. This all-in-one website builder allows users to create attractive, professional websites without writing any code.

Using Zoho’s drag-and-drop website builder is simple. You can customize the elements and layout of your site by dragging and dropping items into their desired location.

The range of elements offered by Zoho Sites includes text, images, video, and audio. Each element also includes a myriad of options for customization. Zoho Sites also includes a blogging platform, complete with everything needed to create relevant content for your website. Creating a gorgeous website that reflects your brand identity has never been easier.

Presentation and design are pivotal components of the user experience. With Zoho Sites, appealing website layouts are just a click away. All the tools required to create engaging websites are at your fingertips. Choose from over 190 pre-designed layouts with Sections, or explore the 25+ abstract design layouts with Shaper. Zoho’s website builder even offers fix and scroll options with dynamic backgrounds.

Zoho Sites allows users to edit their page HTML and CSS, for total control over the appearance of your website. And best of all, all sites are automatically optimized for mobile.

zoho sites

What is the difference between Zoho Sites and Zoho Commerce?

Zoho Sites is a drag-and-drop website builder. Users can create sophisticated websites for their company or organization without writing code.

Zoho Commerce is an e-commerce website builder. Within the Zoho Commerce platform, users can build an e-commerce website to sell products from their site. Most of the features from Zoho Sites are available inside of Zoho Commerce.

How do I use Zoho website builder?

Designing a website doesn’t need to be intimidating. Turn your creative vision into a functional website in three simple steps.

  1. Select a layout. Choose from pre-designed sections, abstract design layouts, and dynamic background images.
  2. Customize the elements and format within Zoho’s Style Editor. Adjust the look and layout of your website to your liking – all without writing any code.
  3. Connect the site to your web domain, and publish to share your new website with your organization’s audience.

How do I edit Zoho Sites?

Maybe you got swept up in the excitement of your new website builder and published your site too hastily. Don’t worry. Editing published content is simple, too.

  1. Log into Zoho Sites.
  2. Select the website you wish to edit.
  3. Make any desired changes using our all-in-one website builder.

Is Zoho Sites free?

A free version of Zoho Sites with restricted functionality is available to users. For unlimited access to all features, Zoho Sites pricing plans are surprisingly affordable. Zoho Sites pricing tiers begin at only $5 per site, per month. For more information on the Zoho Sites pricing tiers, call Enable today.  Or sign up for a free trial here.


1. Can I edit the date in blog posts?

No, you cannot edit the date in blog posts. The date your blog is created will be the date that is displayed.

2. Can I import my blog from WordPress or Blogger to Zoho Sites?

Yes, you can import blogs from WordPress and Blogger. You can also export your Zoho Sites blogs.

3. How many websites can I create using a Zoho Sites account?

You can create as many websites as you like if you upgrade your existing websites to the paid plans. You cannot have more than two unpaid sites per account.

4. Can I upload my website and host it through Zoho?

No, it is not possible to host another website through Zoho. Any website that you host must be created using the Zoho Sites builder. If you are using a free domain, the domain name cannot be mapped to any third-party services for a year. The domain manager will remain locked during the one year free period.

People also ask:

Can you build a website with Zoho?

Thanks to Zoho One’s no-code website builder, anyone can quickly build a professional website. Choose a template, then drag and drop premade sections and elements to get the right look, feel, and functionality.

How does Zoho integrate with WordPress?

In your WordPress editor, choose Zoho Forms under Embeds. You can click Access Zoho Forms and pick a form you have already created or click Embed using permalink to enter the form’s permalink without signing in. Once you choose your form, you will find two options to embed your form.

Ready to build your website today?  To learn more about Zoho Sites, including pricing, schedule an introductory call with Authorized Zoho consultants today!

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