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Conduct Productive Hybrid Meetings with Zoho Cliq

By August 17, 2022January 31st, 20242 Comments

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According to a recent Gartner study, by 2024, only 25% of business meetings will be conducted in person. Transitioning to a hybrid workforce model is compulsory to meet the needs of today’s workforce. With more employees working remotely than ever before, it’s essential for your organization to choose the right team communication software.

Zoho Cliq is a comprehensive collaboration tool to facilitate everything from hybrid meetings to project management. Rather than using disparate communications and project management platforms, Zoho Cliq offers an impressive bundle of collaboration software in one simple interface.

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How can Zoho Cliq benefit my business?

Zoho’s team communication software provides countless advantages to any organization. Here’s how the Zoho Cliq app can streamline your team communications to improve productivity.

Scalable communications

When investing in communication software, it’s important to consider scalability. Zoho Cliq is effective for all types of meetings. Whether you’re having a one-on-one or addressing your entire team, you’ll have the support you need from Zoho Cliq. Effectively hold meetings with up to 1,000 participants with Zoho’s team communication platform.

Co-hosting functionality allows delegation

When hosting a meeting, your focus needs to be on effective message delivery, not managing participants. Whether the meeting is large-scale or small, Zoho Cliq allows users to assign team members as co-hosts.

Real-time, collaborative whiteboard

Empower your team for visual collaboration with Zoho Cliq. This project management collaboration tool allows hosts or participants to draw out projects in real time.

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Record and share meetings to connect across the globe

Asynchronous team collaboration doesn’t need to be a struggle. Zoho Cliq makes it easy to record and share meetings to accommodate the different schedules of a remote or hybrid team. Save time recording minutes of every discussion and keep your global team on the same page with Cliq.

Host meetings with external guests

If your team communication software only supports internal discussions, Zoho Cliq can do one better. Host online meetings with outside vendors, clients, and prospects with a simple invite link.

Enhance your meetings with backgrounds and filters

Use the filters and backgrounds in Zoho Cliq to maintain a professional appearance – even with an enormous pile of laundry in the background.

Interact with engaging polls, GIFs, and gestures

Receive quick feedback during a meeting by starting a poll to collect live data from participants. Boost engagement with fun GIFs and gestures to support speedy expression.

Toggle between grid and stage view

Zoho’s team communication software supports both grid and stage views during meetings. If you want to view all participants simultaneously, grid view will provide the ideal display. Or toggle the stage view to put the speaker front and center.

What features are included with Zoho Cliq?

With your Cliq subscription, your team will enjoy these tools for project collaboration and communication.

  1. Messaging – Zoho Cliq chat streamlines team communications.

2. Channels – Create channels for your teams or groups to keep the right people in collaboration.

3. Audio/Video – Call or video chat with your team, at any place and time.

4. Secure sharing and storage – Enjoy limitless file sharing and storage. All files and chats will be protected by industry-leading physical and network security.

5. Integrations – Automate data transfers from your entire Zoho suite and other business apps.

How much does Cliq cost?

Zoho Cliq pricing includes scalable plans to support every type of team. Depending on the size of your organization, Zoho Cliq pricing can start at $0.90 per user, per month, for annual subscriptions with 10k+ users.

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