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Benefits of Zoho People: Human Resource System for Small Businesses

By August 12, 2022February 29th, 2024One Comment

Benefits of Zoho People 1

Today’s business is conducted in remote and hybrid workspaces. As more companies begin to transition to remote work models, the need for online HR software continues to grow. Zoho People Plus allows organizations to support and manage employees across remote workspaces. Zoho’s powerful HR suite is an outstanding solution. Let’s learn how People Plus can decrease operational inefficiency and improve the employee experience.

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Wondering how the Zoho HR bundle can serve your employee management needs?

How can Zoho People Plus improve employee management?

Here are five ways that this online HR software can support your HR goals.

  1. Zoho’s HR automation software can automate and streamline your entire HR process. Rather than dedicate employee time to routine HR tasks, HR automation software simplifies this process. Onboarding, offboarding, training, and management processes can be automated to conserve employee time. There’s even an HR management app available to allow HR and employees to manage operations on the go.
  2. Using remote HR software enables teams to stay connected with management, no matter where they are working. This cloud-based online HR software gives employees the choice to complete HR operations on their own schedule.
  3. What is another advantage of remote HR software? All HR data will be stored in one single, centralized location on the cloud. Control access and permissions to allow the right people to access your HR data from any place. 
  4. Zoho People Plus boosts employee productivity through transparent communication. People Plus fosters collaboration by enabling frequent feedback exchange. With the flexibility of the remote HR management app, your employees can communicate easier than ever.
  5. Zoho HR enables in-depth reporting, giving your company access to data-based insights. Your teams can understand the context behind company decisions, thanks to the reports provided by Zoho People Plus.

What is included in Zoho People Plus?

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Zoho’s online HR software suite is a comprehensive solution for the needs of a modern HR department. This HR suite includes everything necessary to efficiently manage a remote workforce. Enjoy the following HR apps with your subscription to Zoho People Plus.

Zoho Recruit – Cloud-based hiring platform, applicant tracking system, and recruitment software. The Enterprise plan edition is included.

Zoho People – Centralized online Human Resource management system. The Enterprise plan edition is included.

Zoho Connect – Team collaboration software to enable remote communication and project management. The Enterprise plan edition is included.

Zoho Expense – Online expense reporting software. Automates expense recording. The Standard plan edition is included.

Zoho Vault – Secure password manager to store and autofill your login information. The Standard plan edition is included.

Zoho Payroll – Online payroll software which operates under federal and state compliance. The Premium plan edition is included, depending on your location.

Zoho Cliq – Real-time messaging tool for internal communication. The Free plan edition is included.

What is the difference between Zoho People and Zoho People Plus?

Zoho People is a standalone application. Zoho People Plus is an online HR software suite. While Zoho People is included in Zoho People Plus, People Plus offers many other HR apps in its bundle.

How do I use Zoho People Plus?

The most efficient way to learn how to use Zoho People Plus for your specific needs and goals is to work with a Zoho consultant. Your Zoho consultant will guide your company through the implementation of People Plus. Having a licensed Zoho consultant manage implementation, training, and integrations can save your company time and money. Reach out to Enable today to schedule your Zoho consultancy introductory call!

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