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Benefits Of Zoho Marketing Automation vs. Hubspot

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What Is Marketing Automation Software?

It is software that you can use to capture leads, segment them, and send emails with marketing automation software. It allows you to construct customized client journey flows. The procedure is fully automated once set up.

Here’s an example of Tidio-created marketing automation:

  • A welcome greeting and a discount are sent by a chatbot.
  • A customer accepts the offer and leaves his or her contact information.
  • A customized email is sent to the contact who is tagged.

Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-in-one solution that generates a visual dashboard for data tracking. Zoho One streamline workflows, tracks conversions, and assists users in navigating the site.

Simplify social media, email, and mobile advertising while increasing engagement with surveys and webinars. With accessible analytics, you can explore and compare data while also providing integrated help to consumers and employees.

Key Features

1.  Lead Management: Profitable lead identification, lead stage tracking, and performance analytics provide insight into lead management. Manage interactive media campaigns, create landing pages, and integrate third-party applications

2.  Web Behavior: Monitor website visitor interactions to acquire insight into product perception. Connect with clients by providing them customized content.

3.  Campaign Planner and ROI: Determine the best path to achieve full-cycle lead execution and cost control objectives. Create promotions with specific budgets and goals in order to track results.

4.  Multi-Channel Management: Determine what type of content attracts potential clients. Discover which social platforms people interact with the most, design mobile and email campaigns, and plan promotions across several channels.

5.  Engagement Tracking: Visualize productivity and increase decision-making speed. Workflow templates save time and allow you to monitor the status of leads through detailed reporting.

6.  Analytics: Visual data maps and KPIs can help you understand complex behavioral and attribution information. Using website traffic reports, application preference data, and descriptive context, save time and improved visibility.


Although Zoho Marketing Hub isn’t free, it does provide a 15-day free trial. The Standard plan costs $29 per month, while the Premium plan costs $58 per month for 1000 leads tracked. Your lead count is 2X the number of visits tracked (i.e 2000 for the entry-level plan). During sign-up, you can buy an extra visitor quota.

HubSpot Marketing Hub/Automation

HubSpot is a customer service and marketing automation platform. It may be linked to your social network ads, used to create complicated email workflows, and even used to establish a blog.

Important Features of HubSpot

  • Bots and Live chat 
  • Email marketing
  • Forms, CTAs, and Modals
  • Customized Marketing Automation Workflows
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics

HubSpot is a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line marketing platform that is utilized by professionals all over the globe. For small business owners, this implies that it can be quite costly.

HubSpot has more than 830,000 users worldwide.

HubSpot’s fundamental CRM features are available for free. Marketing automation, on the other hand, is only available in the Professional plan, which costs $890 per month.

Let’s compare the benefits

ZOHO marketing automation is inexpensive and meets all of your business’s demands, from sales to customer service. Its ease of use makes it the preferred software for small to mid-size businesses. HubSpot, on the other hand, is well-known for its client-focused features which can be quite costly.

A comparison of the benefits of ZOHO marketing automation vs HubSpot may well assist you in determining which is best for you.

  1. Integration

ZOHO marketing uses both third-party and in-house apps. It gives you access to over 200 programs with functions such as finance, email marketing, business operations, and meeting calendars. It also allows you to link your contacts and business accounts to your social media profiles, allowing your company’s social media activity to reach a wider audience.

On the other hand, HubSpot marketing can be seamlessly integrated with third-party apps that cover a wide range of business functions. However, it might not be suitable for complex marketing or the sales process. HubSpot currently does not offer any social media assistance.

2. Cost consideration

In comparison to HubSpot, ZOHO’s premium plan is less expensive. However, as the number of team members grows, the cost of the project rises. It’s free up to a point, however the free edition lacks some crucial HubSpot features. When compared to the ZOHO marketing strategy, it is significantly more expensive.

In addition, the HubSpot marketing hub includes basic CRM functions like E-mail sync, task and activity tracking. Upgrade to HubSpot inbound marketing if you require additional requirements. ZOHO, on the other hand, includes automation, processes, and standard plans at a considerably lower cost than HubSpot.

marketing automation

3. Reporting and Analytics

The ability to create dashboards, as well as reporting and analytics, is one of the most compelling reasons to use a CRM system rather than spreadsheets. This is where ZOHO marketing automation and HubSpot outperform the competition. 

When you compare the two, you’ll notice that HubSpot has some limits in terms of dashboards and custom reports. While ZOHO offers endless dashboards and bespoke reporting, HubSpot has set a use limit based on the package you choose.

4. Marketing Automation

HubSpot is an unquestionably powerful marketing platform that includes capabilities such as landing pages, SEO, and email marketing. However, depending on whether you want to go with the HubSpot marketing hub or HubSpot sales hub, you’ll have to pay a lot of money. On the other hand, ZOHO’s Professional subscription includes infinite features such as autoresponders, marketing campaigns, E-mail templates, and more.

5. Customer Support

ZOHO marketing plus has an active community and a vast knowledge of base articles. You can reach out to the ZOHO customer service team for free by email or live chat. You can also keep track of the progress of your requests. Working with a ZOHO partner will provide you with extra help. 

The advantages of HubSpot CRM cannot be overlooked, since HubSpot offers paying users email and in-app support options. Professional Editions, on the other hand, come with customer support.


When comparing ZOHO vs HubSpot, ZOHO appears to be the more trustworthy and reliable CRM software. If your company needs a lot of detail and reporting, ZOHO CRM is the way to go. Though both are good and provide a significant sales figure, you must first assess your needs before making your final pick.

Marketing Automation is Zoho’s response to large marketing automation competitors such as HubSpot and others. It also has the qualities to match its name.

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