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Automate All Your Business Tasks With Zoho Flow

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Zoho Flow helps your enterprise save time and reduce mistakes by automating your business workflows. Merge various applications with advanced marketing automation integrations. Let’s examine how Zoho Flow can automate everything from basic tasks to complex workflows and processes. With Zoho’s workflow automation software, optimizing the processes of your company has never been easier.

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What is Zoho Flow?

Zoho Flow is a powerful workflow automation tool, integrating over 700 applications onto one platform. Zoho’s workflow automation software helps your teams collaborate to create internal workflows. Build and customize your integrations with Zoho’s workflow builder. Adapt your CRM workflow to the ever-evolving needs of your dynamic industry. Workflow automation supports operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and implementing best practices.


How does Zoho Flow automate my business tasks?

Zoho Flow offers a centralized platform to connect your applications to automate data transfers. Workflow automation software allows your company to conserve time and energy for more demanding tasks. With this workflow automation tool, your third-party applications will automatically share information. When you need to retrieve data, you’ll know exactly where to find it. The Zoho Flow dashboard presents KPIs for your CRM workflows with clear visuals, making it simple to review your current flows.

What are the features of Zoho Flow?

Easily create integrations for 700+ apps. With Zoho Flow, you can create marketing application integrations without any coding skills. Zoho’s intelligent workflow builder allows your team to set triggers, define actions, and view every step from the builder.


Streamline more effective workflows with CRM marketing automation. Create contextual workflows to automate data exchange between your applications. Build workflows with decision branches, variables, and triggers to refine your CRM workflow. Workflow automation software takes the drudgery out of repetitive tasks, giving your staff time to focus on closing.

Develop detailed processes to solve complex integrations. Marketing automation integrations can be complicated. Don’t let their complexity interrupt your efficiency. Zoho’s scripting language, Deluge, allows users to design advanced decision trees within workflows. Add decision trees, and reformat data as needed to ensure smooth transfer between applications.

Measure and monitor the history of your workflows. Zoho Flow maintains a centralized log of each workflow’s history. Evaluate the performance of your workflows, track progress within a workflow, and immediately resolve any issues. Zoho makes it easy to access all of your workflow history data from one central location.

Gain invaluable performance insights. When you want to see how your workflow processes are performing, you won’t need to scrounge for data between many interfaces. The Zoho Flow dashboard offers total oversight for the processes of each workflow. Within the workflow automation software, visible metrics make it simple to identify what’s working and what isn’t. 


Collaborate to establish the most effective flows. Zoho Flow allows your team to build and coordinate their CRM marketing efforts together. Add teammates to your account to foster cross-departmental coordination. 


Explore Zoho’s gallery of flow templates to find ideas applicable to your business. With a huge collection of business apps and flows to browse, users can find specific solutions to their needs.

What is the Zoho Flow pricing structure?

Zoho Flow is a pay-as-you-go workflow automation software. Users can switch between plans at any time, as well as scale their plans with add-on flows and tasks. 


Zoho Flow Standard begins at $10/month, per organization. This includes 20 flows per org, and 1000 tasks per org each month. Enjoy base apps, Zoho logic and utilities, and custom functions.


Zoho Flow Professional begins at $24/month, per organization. This includes 50 flows per org, and 3000 tasks per org each month. Zoho Flow Professional users will enjoy the same functions as Zoho Flow Standard, along with premium apps.

Optimize your Zoho Flow with Enable

Ready to explore how Zoho Flow can optimize the workflows within your company? Working with Enable will steer your organization towards success. Contact Enable to schedule an introductory call with our team. We look forward to helping your business take advantage of all that workflow automation has to offer.

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