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Announcing Zoho Marketing Plus

By July 26, 2022January 31st, 2024No Comments

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Whatever the industry, marketing projects are complex to plan, organize, and implement. Executing marketing projects across multiple departments and channels requires careful management. How can you ensure that your organization’s hard work yields effective results?

Zoho Marketing Plus lets users get a comprehensive perspective of your efforts, measure the ROI, and maintain a consistent brand identity. Zoho’s marketing dashboard allows different teams and departments to seamlessly collaborate. With a holistic perspective of their marketing activities, your teams can efficiently plan, organize, and execute their projects. Using a marketing automation CRM to manage your projects also allows your business to scale.

What is Zoho Marketing Plus?

Zoho Marketing Plus is an invaluable marketing management platform. The Zoho Marketing Plus suite consists of nine marketing applications: Campaigns, Marketing Automation, PageSense, Survey, Social, Analytics, Webinar, Backstage and Workdrive.

How will my marketing teams benefit?

Marketing project management

Every marketing project includes many moving parts. Automated e-mail campaigns, social media updates, webinars, and surveys are common marketing project activities. Zoho Marketing Plus allows your team to initiate each activity from the same unified marketing dashboard. From Zoho’s marketing hub, users can create projects, determine timelines, and execute activities. You’ll have the tools to track customer engagement and website behavior. Within Marketing Plus, teams can hold internal discussions, as well as manage your project resources.

Automate email marketing

Zoho’s email marketing software streamlines interactions with your organization’s audience. A CRM with marketing automation integration makes it easy to expand, engage, and connect with your customers. Import your email list to start creating custom campaigns from pre-designed templates. Enjoy other automation marketing software integration tools with Marketing Plus, including workflows and autoresponders. Zoho Analytics will track your campaign performance with real-time reporting for various metrics. No matter the goal of your campaign, Marketing Plus allows your team to manage their marketing email campaigns from one simple hub.

Multi-channel social media marketing management

An effective social media strategy is a pivotal part of any marketing campaign. Social media presence enables your company to boost brand visibility, reach a global audience, and increase conversions/sales. Social in Zoho Marketing Plus links your various social media channels together for management. Create and post content, monitor performance, and communicate with your team, all from Marketing Plus.

Create personalized website journeys

Improve user experience with deeper insight into your audience’s behavior on your website. Create personalized experiences for your visitors, based on their intent, with PageSense. With PageSense, your teams can monitor your conversion funnel, analyze website behavior, and engage effectively with your audience.

Host and manage webinars and virtual meetings

Zoho Marketing Plus includes secure web conferencing functionality. A webinar allows your company to host web meetings and presentations, for team members or customers. Present, screen share, and generate reports on your webinar’s performance. Your attendee’s won’t need to install any software to participate in a Webinar virtual meeting. Recordings of any web conference can be emailed to guests who cannot attend.

Conduct surveys to gain valuable customer feedback

Surveys in Zoho Marketing Plus helps you reach your audience to assess the performance of a marketing event. Teams can collaborate to customize and edit surveys from a range of available themes. Surveys also allows you to analyze the survey responses, and share insights via reporting.

Manage marketing events

Zoho Marketing Plus includes Backstage, a remarkable tool for conducting marketing events. Backstage allows your company to organize and plan every activity surrounding the event. Whether it’s a trade show, seminar, or conference, you’ll have a streamlined tool to manage the many components of your event. 

Manage and analyze the effectiveness of marketing efforts

Zoho Analytics allows you to integrate data from different departments to measure conversions and ROI. See exactly how much work is converting into real sales, and gain priceless insights into the effectiveness of your projects. Analytics in Marketing Plus can use data from PageSense and Social to track engagement on your website or social channels.  

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Is Zoho good for marketing?

If your company needs CRM marketing automation software, Zoho is an industry leader for good reason. Ready to learn exactly how Zoho Marketing Plus can streamline and improve your marketing projects? Schedule an introductory call today with Enable to understand how Marketing Plus can benefit your unique needs.

Zoho Marketing Automation Costs

Zoho Marketing Automation software costs start with a Standard package billed yearly at $23/mth for small marketing teams and a Premium package starts at $46/mth billed yearly for growing marketing teams.

To learn more about what package is right for you please contact Enable today, and start your free 15-day trial today to see if it is right for you.


Can we add other marketing applications within Zoho Marketing Plus?

Marketing Plus already comes with all the applications that are required for your marketing activities. Further, various Zoho applications and third party applications such as Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, GoToWebinar, can be integrated with Campaigns and so on.

What is the contact limit provided in the Marketing Plus suite of applications?

Marketing Plus comes with a limit of 1000 contacts by default. You can also purchase more contacts by purchasing the add-ons starting from $15 for 2500 contacts, billed annually. Also, every user license purchased comes with additional 1000 contacts in Marketing Plus

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